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Secretlab SoftWeave Black3 Gaming Chair Channels Streetwear Style



The new Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK³ chairs.

The Secretlab SoftWeave Black3 gaming chair takes the style and comfort of one of our favorite gaming chairs up a notch with a stunning black SoftWeave fabric. It’s a stylish look for a gaming room, but also subtle enough to look perfect in your new work from home office as a companion on your endless Zoom calls.

Secretlab went back to the drawing board to combine three shades of black, for a black on black on black softweave look that takes cues from streetwear style to deliver a very special look.

You can order the new Secretlab SoftWeave Black3 chair today from Secretlab in the Omega, Titan, and Titan XL models. Pricing varies by region but pre-orders start at $409 for OMEGA, $459 for TITAN, and $529 for TITAN X in the U.S.

Ian Ang, co-founder of Secretlab describes the ideation behind this new model, “Many of us at Secretlab are fans of the iconic Triple Black colorway ourselves, and we wanted to create a chair that would be as sleek and versatile as the classic sneakers that we love. There’s just something rebellious and yet understated about the color black, and the Secretlab SoftWeave® BLACK3 is the culmination of our desire to marry the increasingly overlapping worlds of gaming and streetwear.”

A closer look at the SoftWeave BLACK3 chair from Secretlab.

This chair’s unique look makes it stand out and the SoftWeave finish is designed to help you stay cool during the summer and during long gaming sessions. The material is made from densely woven short yard with high tensile strength and it goes through a special process to deliver a soft and breathable finish with what Secretlab calls a “fluffy texture.” The logo, chair name and branding is in a matching black, keeping in line with the style of this chair.

In addition to the new style, this chair keeps the Secretlab features that we love from the 2020 Series including;

  • 4 direction armrests adjustments
  • Full backrest recline
  • Excellent Class 4 hydraulics for adjusting the chair position
  • Aluminum wheelbase
  • Built-in lumbar support on the Titan and Titan XL

Our 2020 Secretlab Titan review above covers the features and comfort of this model, and you can also watch our 2020 Secretlab Omege review, which outlines the features on the slightly smaller model.

If you need help deciding which Secretlab gaming chair is right for you, we cover the differences in the video below and dive into what sets each apart in this comparison.

You can pre-order the Secretlab SoftWeave Black3 today directly from Secretlab in Omega, Titan, and Titan XL.

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