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Secretlab Titan vs Omega: Which Should You Buy?



So you’ve decided that you want a Secretlab gaming chair, but you can’t figure out if you should buy the Omega or the Titan.

I’ve shared reviews of the Secretlab Titan and the Omega and get many emails and comments asking which of the gaming chairs they should pick.

While both of the Secetlab gaming chairs are great, there are some important differences that you need to consider before you pick one. This guide and comparison focus on the newest 2020 Secretlab gaming chairs, which feature key upgrades from the older models.

Here’s how the two models stack up in the price, size, features, and adjustability.

Secretlab Titan vs Omega Price

There is a $40 price difference between the two chairs, so this shouldn’t be the main thing that you make your decision on. The Secretlab Titan is $399 and the Omega is $359. We occasionally see deals that take the price to $379 and $339, which is something to consider.

If you don’t want to pay for the whole chair up front, Secretlab does financing through Affirm with Omega payments starting at $32 a month and Titan payments starting at $36 a month.

Secretlab Titan vs Omega Size & Comfort

How do the Secretlab Titan and Omega compare?

How do the Secretlab Titan and Omega compare?

The biggest difference between the two chairs is the size. The Secretlab Titan is bigger, and that’s not just in height. It’s wider and the backrest is taller, making for a roomier experience. Here’s how they stack up in size. First off is a size comparison of the most important differences in the table below, then I will break down what this means in terms of how the chairs feel to sit in.

Secretlab Titan
Secretlab Omega
Height of Backrest 33″ 31.5″
Width of Backrest 21.7″ 21″
Width of Seat 20.5″ including sides
14″ without sides 22″ with
Seat Depth 19.7″ 19.3″
Armrest to Armrest 26″ to 29.1″ 24.2″ to 27.6″
Floor to Seatbase 18.7″ to 22.4″ 18.1″ to 22.4″

What this ends up meaning is that the Titan is taller with a wider and deeper seat and you can adjust it higher than the Omega. Part of this ties into the recommended height and weight differences. Here’s what sizes and weights each chair is best for:

  • Omega – 5’3″ to 5’11” and below 240 pounds. 
  • Titan – 5’9″ to 6’7″ and below 290 pounds. 
  • Titan XL – 5’11” to 6’10” and below 390 pounds. 

While this comparison focuses on the Omega and Titan, if you need a larger chair, the Titan XL is a good option.

This amounts to a roomier feel on the Titan and the ability to raise it higher off the ground. The actual armrest adjustments, height adjustments, wheelbase, and the tilt are all the same.

What If You’re In the Middle?

I’m six foot and currently about 235 pounds so I’m close enough that I could use either of the Secretlab models. And I have switched between them during my reviews of each of the new 2020 models. Ultimately it comes down to what kind of fit you want.

The Omega is a tighter, but still comfortable fit. The sides of the chair and the sides of the seat rest hug my body more than those on the Titan. It reminds me of the race car seats in the Nissan GT-R or the Shelby GT500.

The Titan is much roomier and I prefer this for using as my office chair and as a gaming chair. I like the extra room side to side in the seat and the slightly deeper seat. The 2020 Secretlab Titan is a better fit for me.

If you want a roomy fit and you are in the middle, then go up to the Titan. If you prefer a tighter fit that is more like a sports car seat, go with the Omega.

Adjustability & Features

The main difference between the two is the lumbar support. The Omega gaming chair uses a lumbar support pillow that you can move up and down or leave off completely. The Titan features adjustable lumbar support that is built-in. I prefer the built-in option because it is easy to configure and I don’t need to worry about the pillow moving, but while using the Omega, I was still able to get comfortable with the soft pillow, but my preference is for the built-in option.

All of the Secretlab chairs include the four direction armrest adjustments and use the new flush button design. This lets you put the armrests at the right height and angle for your needs. Both models also include a neck pillow with a cooling gel that is a nice option. It stays in place with elastic and you can take it off if you prefer.

Each of the Secretlab Titan and Omega chairs also offers the full recline option and the ability to control your tilt. That’s consistent throughout the gaming chairs.


The overall design is very similar. The one thing to pay attention to is the seat base on the Omega, which has raised bolsters on the side, similar to racing seats in cars. This plays into that narrower base.

Both chairs are available in PU leather, Softweave Fabric, and NAPA leather. There are five standard color options that you can choose from as well as 13 special editions that you can pick including Overwatch, Dark Knight, Game of Thrones, deadmau5 and professional e-sports teams.

As you can see in the video at the top of this comparison, the overall style is very similar, so you can choose based on size and what looks most comfortable to you without worrying about missing out on a special edition or design feature.

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