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2020 Secretlab Omega Review



The Secretlab Omega 2020 is a gaming chair that offers incredible support, a myriad of armrest adjustments and pillows for your back and head. The new 2020 Omega is your perfect companion for working at your desk for hours, gaming on a PC or in front of a TV while playing on a console. I split my time with the Omega between using as my main office chair all day and then gaming on my Xbox One at night.

This is a chair with a ton of adjustments, a sweet recline option and a more contoured fit that the 2020 Secretlab Titan that I previously reviewed. While the features are similar between the line on both 2020 models, I do fit better in the Titan, where the Omega hugs me more like a race car seat. It’s not too tight, but if you prefer more room in the seat and back, the 2020 Titan is going to be the one you should consider the model designed for taller or heavier users.

Secretlab’s 2020 models arrived in 2019, and that’s what you’ll get if you buy now. This uses a more durable material and the armrests are now all metal with a flush button and there is cooling gel in the neck pillow. A five-year warranty is now standard.

The Secretlab Omega is $359 for the standard colors and $389 for the special editions. You get free shipping and you can also purchase with monthly payments directly from Secretlab.


Design and Comfort

The Secretlab Omega is a comfortable gaming chair.

The Secretlab Omega is a comfortable gaming chair.

I tested the Secretlab Omega in Stealth Black, but you can order in five color options as well as several special editions that include an epic Dark Knight model, Game of Thrones designs, esports teams, game skins, and deadmaus. There is also a SoftWeave Fabric option and a NAPA leather.

On the Stealth model, there are carbon fiber accents, red contrast stitching, and an Omega symbol and Secretlab logo on the front, with another Secretlab logo and Omega written out on the back. There is also a small 2020, with the Secretlab logo on the edge near your shoulder on the front. While it has some gaming flair to it, this is not an over the top gaming chair that will look out of place in an office.

For the 2020 models, Secretlab upgraded the PU leather to a new and improved version that is stronger than the material used in the previous models. I’ve been using the Omega for a little over a month, and the Titan with the same material for six months and both look brand new, despite daily use. This material is stain resistant, which is nice since I’ve already spilled coffee on the chair once.

Opt for stealth black or choose a special edition.

Opt for stealth black or choose a special edition.

This material is comfortable and soft without beeing grabby like many faux leather materials. The Omega is contoured with bolsters on the seat and sides of the back, similar to those found in a sports car. I’m six foot and 229 pounds and I’m still comfortable in this chair. If you are of similar size, you may want to go for the Titan, but you won’t feel out of place in the Omega.

The cushioning is just right, offering support without being so soft that you sink into the chair. On the Omega, the side bolsters are a little firmer than the seat cushion itself adding to the support. The seat cushion is quite firm when you first use it, but I find that after a week of use it softens to just the right amount and stays there long term. This chair can get a little warm. The PU leather doesn’t offer as much breathing as a fabric or mesh chair, so if you don’t keep your home or office at a comfortable temperature sitting in the chair for a few hours can get toasty.

I love the new armrest design. The metal design is sturdier than on the older model and the flush button makes the armrests look nicer. I like being able to turn the armrests in if I am leaning in to play a game like PUBG on Xbox One and returning them to straight while working.

One of the standout features is that in addition to simply leaning back like a regular office chair, you can adjust the back of the chair and even fully recline. It’s a little like a trust fall when you first use this feature, but the Omega is balanced and lets you lean back and recline when you need to take a break. There are also controls to move the chair up and down and to lock the leaning position in place.

Unlike the Titan, there is no built-in adjustable lumbar support. There is a plush pillow with Omega stitched on it. You can place this in the right position and get lumbar support when you want it. The neck pillow offers good support and the new cooling gel makes it a nice touch when you lean back.

A large wheelbase and XL wheels provide plenty of support and the chair moves easily on carpet as well as wood floors. The base and chair are narrow enough to easily move through doorways, if like me, you want to move from office to game room.


The Secretlab Omega assembly is easy. Expect to spend about 20 minutes doing it on your own. It goes a little faster if you have someone to help hold things in place, but I was able to assemble it on my own with the included tools and a screwdriver. Most of the parts are already assembled, you just need to hook the back to the base, the mount to the bottom of the chair and then place it on the wheelbase and you’re ready to go.

Is the Secretlab Omega Worth Buying?

Is the 2020 Secretlab Omega worth buying?

Is the 2020 Secretlab Omega worth buying?

The Secretlab Omega is $359, which isn’t cheap, but it is a great value. This is a well-made chair and you pay for quality. The Secretlab team designed this chair to last, and backs that up with a five-year warranty. Compared to the one-year or less warranty that many $100 gaming chairs come with, and there is a ton of value there.

Many people think of gaming chairs for use with PC gaming, but adding one to my game room to use while playing Xbox One or PS4 is a literal game-changer. I can sit at the right distance from the screen, in a more comfortable position with better support and I’m able to play longer without my back hurting from poor posture I use when gaming from the couch.

Whether you are looking for an office chair, a gaming chair or something that can do both, the Secretlab Omega is an excellent solution that delivers as much comfort as chairs that cost twice as much and with customization options to easily get the perfect fit.

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