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4 Reasons to Pre-Order the Pixel 4 & 3 Reasons Not To



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Wait if You're Worried About Problems

Wait if You're Worried About Problems

Are you worried about Pixel 4 problems? The Pixel 3 ran into issues with bugs, screen issues, call and audio quality that was downright terrible in some cases and other problems

The software wasn't ready right out of the gate, and while it got there, it highlights a reason to wait before you pre-order the Pixel 4. There is a chance that you will see software issues, hardware issues, and other Pixel 4 problems during the first month of the release. 

There are concerns about Pixel 4 battery life as well as the Face Unlock working without your eyes open, which is a security issue. 

We've seen this on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro for the past month as Apple pushes out update after update to solve problems and in a sea of iPhone 11 scratch complaints.

Simply put, waiting lets other people discover and deal with the issues. Then, you can buy the Pixel 4 with many problems already fixed. 

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