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Sling TV vs Hulu Live: Best TV Streaming Service?



If you’re thinking about canceling cable and need an alternative to stream live TV, two options you’ll want to consider are Sling TV and Hulu + Live TV.  This guide goes over what you need to know about both, how the two compare, and which live TV option is right for you.

These two cable tv alternatives have several important differences you’ll want to know about from the monthly price to the channel lineup.

Sling TV vs Hulu Live: What You Need to Know

You probably already have Netflix and Amazon Prime, but they don’t offer live television like CNN, Fox News, ESPN, AMC and other popular channels, and instead everything is on-demand. The same goes for regular Hulu plans, which is why we’re comparing the Hulu + Live TV option here today. If you still want to stream live TV we tested all the options and will go over both Sling and Hulu for you below.

Sling TV vs Hulu: Price

Sling TV is cheaper and definitely more flexible than most of the competition. They’ve managed to keep the price down while still offering a good selection, and have three plans to choose from.

Signing up for either Sling TV plan is cheap, and they have a bunch of add-ons if there’s something you’re missing. As an example, Cloud DVR is an extra $5 per month, then if you want extra sports channels or more kid options you’ll pay another $5 for that package — and eventually, it’ll all add up.

One plan has CNN, while the other has Fox, and the channel lineup varies slightly with Sling Orange having ESPN. If you don’t need a ton of extra content it’s a great option starting at $30 and delivers over 30 of the best channels.

It’s worth noting that Sling TV offers deals and discounts all the time. Click here to get started.

With Hulu you have one main option with a few differences. The regular Hulu with live TV is $55 per month, or you can pay $61 to get it with no ads. There is a Live TV Only plan for $53.99 per month that doesn’t include the traditional Hulu plan at all, but that’s almost pointless.

Additionally and perhaps the best thing ever, is that Hulu partnered with Disney to offer everything on Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ all for just $62 per month. That gets you TV shows, movies, live TV, Mandalorian, and sports which is pretty tempting.

Otherwise, you’re getting about 60+ channels from Hulu and local stations, which is a big deal, but we’ll talk more about that in our next category.

Keep in mind that $30 for Sling and $55 for Hulu are both starting prices. Each option has additional content, premiums, or add-ons that can and will make the price go up. Like Showtime, HBO, and movie packs. Both offer trials, so give them a try.

Sling TV vs Hulu: Channels

Perhaps the most important aspect of this choice, aside from the price, are the channels. Sling’s base package comes with 30+ channels so it’s a great affordable option, but if you’re looking for even more you’ll want Hulu Live.

It’s easier to compare the combo Sling Orange + Blue against Hulu, which costs $45, as they’re very similar.

Unfortunately, Sling TV offers almost zero local channels except for in a very select few markets. Instead, they suggest users buy a digital HD antenna and try to pick up local stuff. If you don’t need your local ABC news, you’ll love Sling TV because it has all the other basics and most popular channels all for one low fee. I mainly use Sling TV for NFL Network, AMC (The Walking Dead), and ESPN.

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