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Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone in Clearer Video



After we had reported about the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone, codenamed Zeus Z1, the device, with its sliding landscape-oriented gaming controller was captured in a clearer video. The device is said to be running Android Gingerbread, which is version 2.3 of the Android operating system that Google had debuted today alongside the Nexus S smartphone, co-developed by Google and Samsung, so the PlayStation Phone’s release could happen anytime.

The PlayStation Phones brings a promise of better gaming titles to the smartphone platform and would help Sony Ericsson and Google battle gaming on Apple’s iOS platform, which is used on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad tablet. Additionally, aside from the Sony and PlayStation brand, having a game-centric hardware can also help Sony Ericsson in this space as the PlayStation Phone will be among the first device with dedicated game controllers. Since the iPhone’s iOS App Store had debuted, smartphone games have relied heavily on the touchscreen interface along with accelerometer and gyroscope support; Sony Ericsson will bring games back with traditional directional controllers on its sliding game pad.

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