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Sony to Announce Next PSP Next Week, PlayStation Phone at MWC



According to Bloomberg, Sony is set to announce an updated PlayStation Portable handheld gaming unit on January 27th, next week, with a gaming-centric phone in February at the Mobile World Congress trade event.

Rumors of the Sony-Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone have been circulating for some time, and more recently leaked videos and images of the device, also known as the XPERIA Play, has been seen on the Internet.

The company is also said to be announcing its strategy to create a better ecosystem with its products. According to an unidentified source to Bloomberg, Sony will try to leverage its networked entertainment services that will allow different devices to share content, such as games, movies, and music, between TVs, handhelds, and other Sony equipment.

The updated PSP will compete with Apple’s iPod Touch and Nintendo’s updated 3DS, which will offer 3D game play without the need for special glasses. Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation Phone will compete with the iPhone. It’s unclear at this time how Sony and Sony Ericsson will deliver games to the PlayStation Phone–whether it will be through digital storefronts, like an App Store, through Android Market, or via cartridges or memory cards.


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