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Sony XPERIA S to Repel Stain, Charge Quickly



Sony is introducing some new technologies on its XPERIA S flagship smartphone for 2012, including the ability to repel stains and rapidly charge the phone. The former feature is something that manufacturers have experimented with in the past, including HTC with its Teflon coating on the original international GSM variant of the HTC Hero.

According to Phandroid, the anti-stain body of the XPERIA S will help keep the device looking new, and in a prior demo, Sony reps were able to draw on the phone with a pen and wipe away the pen stains with their fingers. Whether the feature is useful or a gimmick in real life is yet to be proven as the plastic polycarbonate shell can still be scratched and dinged in normal day-to-day use.

As the XPERIA S will be available in both black and white, the anti-stain coating will probably be more useful for owners of the white handset.

Another feature is the ability to rapidly charge the phone. Given that most devices today consume a lot of power, having the ability to quickly juice up your device so you’ll always be ready to take the next call or browse the latest webpage will be nice to power users. Users can give the device an hour of talk time with just a 10-minute charge, and charging the device for 30 minutes will bring the charge up to 80%. After which point, the battery will slowly charge up to 100% as to not overheat the battery or wear down the battery too quickly.

In addition to these newly talked about capabilities on the XPERIA S, the XPERIA S and XPERIA Ion also comes with NFC support along with the ability to take a picture in much less than 2 seconds. Users can hold down the dual-stage hardware camera shutter button and the camera will automatically focus and snap a picture in a little over a second’s time.

The XPERIA S debuted at CES 2012 alongside the 4G LTE variant known as the XPERIA Ion for AT&T in the U.S.



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