Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Release Date Delayed

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S III has been delayed until June 28th.

Wirefly has informed us that Sprint has informed them that the Samsung Galaxy S III release date has been delayed from June 21st until June 28th for unspecified reasons. The delay apparently affects all retailers, both online and in-store, which means the device won’t be touching down anywhere physical until June 28th.

Sprint says that the 16GB version will be available online on June 21st. It says that it’s “optimistic” that it will be shipping out pre-orders in time for the June 21st release. It says that it may be a day or two late. 32GB Galaxy S III pre-orders won’t ship out until next week.

Here is Wirefly’s full statement regarding the Sprint Galaxy S III:

Here we go again.   Just in case the news hasn’t reached your desk yet, Wirefly has just been notified by Sprint that the Samsung Galaxy S III is being delayed.

As of now, Sprint is informing us that the new release date will be June 28th for all national retailers, both online and in stores.

This is not welcomed news for those that pre-ordered the device earlier this month. However, it appears that Sprint may have been affected by some of the issues that Samsung is dealing with, good and bad.

The good is that Samsung has been overwhelemed by pre-orders, so overwhelmed, that the device was delayed in Canada. Samsung has taken over 9 million pre-orders for the device thus far.

The bad is that Samsung has been dealing with a quality issue in regards to the pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III. The device has been rumored to have a manufacturing defect affecting the back plate of the device.

It remains to be seen if that is why the Sprint Galaxy S III has been delayed but it’s certainly possible.

It’s also unknown how this might affect the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III on other carriers. T-Mobile is slated to get the phone starting June 21st and AT&T and Verizon will follow suit.

We’ll update pre-orderers as the situation becomes more clear.