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Sprint to Launch New Tablet Data Plans with HTC EVO View 4G?



Come June 24th when the HTC EVO View View 4G comes on sale, it appears that Sprint will launch new data plans to support the multi-mode 3G/4G WiMax tablet. The carrier will have $20 for 1 GB and a $30 for 2 GB plans. Moving up to $45 will net users 3 GB of 3G data and unlimited 4G usage on the Now Network and $60 and $90 will net 5 GB and 10 Gb of 3G data respectively with unlimited 4G provisioning as well. It seems that the basic $20 and $30 plans will be 3G-only, lacking access to 4G data.

All the plans and price points mentioned are for contract-free plans, meaning you can terminate these plans whenever you don’t need data. ¬†While pricing for the plans themselves don’t require a contract, you are bound to a two-year agreement if you purchase your EVO View 4G tablet under a subsidized discount.

However, if you’re a current Sprint subscriber for your smartphone, there will be discounts available for some of the higher priced data plans. Beginning with the $45 plan, users can get a $10 monthly discount off of their tablet data plan.

It’s unclear what effects these new data plans would have on the rumored Sprint family data share plans.

Via: Android Police

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