Star Wars Battlefront: 11 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make
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Star Wars Battlefront: 11 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make



Don't Confront Heroes Alone

Don't Confront Heroes Alone

If you want to die repeatedly, a great idea is to attack heroes by yourself. I tried doing this during my first day or two with the game and I had only a billion deaths to show for it. 

Unless a hero's life is almost depleted (or the person is very bad at the game), you're going to have a real tough time taking him or her down by yourself. It's a lesson in futility, especially for new players and those in the lower ranks.

Instead of making this mistake, you'll want to tackle the hero with a group. Or better yet, with an allied hero. You stand a much better chance if you run away or communicate with a team. If you're strategic about it, you'll survive. And if you survive, you'll get more experience and perhaps, help your team win the game.



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