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Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Upgrade Pack: 5 Things to Know



EA and DICE have released a brand new add-on for Star Wars Battlefront ahead of the March update and the Outer Rim DLC.

As you level up in Star Wars Battlefront you start to acquire new gear and items to help you in battle. Many of these items are acquired at higher levels. If you don’t have a lot of time to commit to Battlefront, some of these items can take weeks, even months, to acquire.

That’s where the new Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Upgrade Pack comes in.

Battlefront 10.40.12 AM

Today EA and its retail partners released a much easier way to acquire the base weapons and the various Star Card power-ups. If you don’t have time to grind to the higher levels, the Ultimate Upgrade Pack is worth investigating.

This roundup will take you through the most important things you need to know about these Star Wars Ultimate Upgrade Pack for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

What is the Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Upgrade Pack?

The Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Upgrade Pack is an add-on that gives you immediate access to 11 base weapons and 24 upgraded Star Cards. For a price.

The weapons include the E-11 and A280 (both factions), DLT-19, DH-17, RT-97C, CA-87 Blast Cannon, T-21, SE-14C, EE-3, T-21B and DL-44.


The Star Cards include Thermal Detonator, Scout Pistol, Ion Grenade, Pulse Cannon, Impact Grenade, Ion Torpedo, Homing Shot, Smoke Grenade, Jump Pack, Flash Grenade, Barrage, Cycler Rifle, Bowcaster, Ion Shot, Focus Fire, Cooling Cell, Scan Pulse, Explosive Shot, Personal Shield, Bodyguard, Survivalist, Scout, Bounty Hunter and Sharpshooter.

All of these weapons and Star Cards can be earned progressing through the game. If you don’t want to pay for them you don’t have to. Most people won’t.

Who Should Buy the Ultimate Upgrade Pack

EA’s Ultimate Upgrade Pack is aimed at gamers that can’t/don’t want to spend the time grinding through levels for credits to spend on the base weapons and Star Cards.

If you know that you won’t have a ton of time each week to play Battlefront and think that having full access to Star Cards and base weaponry will better your experience, you might think about shelling out the extra bucks for the upgrade pack.

For some of you, having instant access to this arsenal will help level the playing field against veteran Battlefront players.


That said, most of you will be just fine progressing through the game earning all of these items via your time as opposed to your money.

Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Upgrade Pack Price

If you decide that you want to shell out the money for all of these items, you’ll need to shell out a $20. If you’re an Origin/EA Access member you’ll save 10% off that price. It’s not much but it’s still a deal.

It Doesn’t Come with the Season Pass

The Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Upgrade Pack doesn’t come with the $50 Battlefront Season Pass. This is a completely separate add-on.

Read the Fine Print

Before you buy the Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Upgrade Pack, there are a few caveats you should know about.

If you buy it through GameStop you’ll need a U.S. address. It’s also worth noting that download orders are not eligible for any returns or store credits.

Sony and Microsoft also note that “Items can only be unlocked once. Items already unlocked via achieved gameplay progression in the Star Wars Battlefront game will not be entitled again as part of this kit.”

March Star Wars Battlefront Update: What’s New in 1.06

March Battlefront Update Size

March Battlefront Update Size

The latest Star Wars Battlefront update is absolutely massive. 

EA DICE is requiring this update for all players, not just Season Pass owners which means that you need 8GB of free space available if you want to play the Outer Rim DLC. Here's why:

"For all other players, downloading this content will allow you to enjoy all of the free content we are making available for all players, while also making sure that your experience playing with Season Pass owners remains smooth."

So if you have a console that's filled up to the brim with content, now would be a good time to delete some files.

And if you're using a slow connection, now would be a great time to plug in an ethernet cord into your system of choice.



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