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Swype Now Available in the Google Play Store



As of today, Swype, the keyboard add-on that allows Android users to speed through text input by not having to remove their fingers from their device’s touch screen, is now available in the Google Play Store.

Until this point users who had a device that it wasn’t preinstalled on weren’t able to get their hands on it. Swype is selling in Google Play for .99, Users who have yet to try the keyboard enhancement out can do so with a free trial.

Swype users are seriously passionate about how using the keyboard enhancement saves them valuable time when typing something on their phone or tablet. The software now holds a Guinness World Record for the Fastest Time to Type a Text Message.


Users can install Swype on more than one Android device and have it sync their typing patterns and habits between those devices silently, a huge win for those who may carry around a smartphone with them most of the time, but sometimes use an Android tablet for browsing the internet or a computer replacement for light tasks. Users can also personalize their keyboards with their own color combinations and have those sync as well.

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After being purchased by speech company Nuance, Swype also integrates with the company’s Dragon Mobile Assistant application. Together users can quickly launch the digital assistant using gestures.  At that time the Swype also added language modeling designed to be more accurate about the things you mean to type.

Though it had long been the corner stone feature of rival SwiftKey, Swype can now predict the next word a user is going to type. The keyboard can also predict the words combinations used often, including things like “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” or “House of Cards”.

Keyboard rival SwiftKey launched in the Google Play Store last year, and in addition to providing users with an enhanced keyboard just like Swype, is well-known for having an excellent predictive text engine.

Swype is currently not available on Windows Phone or iOS since both platforms restrict developers to not tampering with their keyboards.

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