Top 5 Phones to Consider Before Buying the HTC One M7 [August, 2014]
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Top 5 Phones to Consider Before Buying the HTC One M7 [August, 2014]



Samsung Galaxy S5/S4

Samsung Galaxy S5/S4

Prospective HTC One M7 buyers will want to take a look at Samsung's current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5, before settling on last year's HTC One model.

Samsung's current flagship offers some likeable features including a dust and water resistant design, tons of storage space, a fantastic camera, beautiful display, and more. It also offers some notable software changes including a new Ultra Power Saving mode that helps users conserve battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available for cheap through retailers like Amazon, not as cheap as the HTC One M7 but cheap nonetheless, and it's very worthy of your attention in the month of August.

If the Galaxy S5's price tag is too expensive, please check out the Samsung Galaxy S4, last year's model and the HTC One M7's former rival. It's not as good as the Galaxy S5 but it's available for nothing on-contract.

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