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Top 9 Earth Day Gadgets: Save Energy, Save Money, Save The Earth



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APC Timer Essential SurgeArrest [Eco-Home]

APC Timer Essential SurgeArrest [Eco-Home]
Whenever electronics are plugged in they're drawing power from the outlet, even if they're off or sleeping. This Vampire Power is a waste of money and energy. There are several power strips that can cut down on this, but they're not practical for all situations. For instance, when trying to charge a smartphone overnight. Power solutions that stop charging once a device is full don't compensate for the power lost in the night or phones that falsely send the Finished signal when they're not at 100%. Instead, I use these APC surge protectors with programmable timers. I set them to stay on for an hour after I go to sleep then turn on an hour before I wake up. The best part is you can set individual times for several plugs.
$20 APC 6 Outlet Timer Essential SurgeArrest @ Amazon | $14 APC 4 Outlet Wall Tap Timer Essential SurgeArrest @ Amazon
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