Turn An Old iPhone, iPad or Android Into Cash, Not Clutter
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Turn An Old iPhone, iPad or Android Into Cash, Not Clutter



Odds are there is an old Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch sitting in a drawer wasting away while you play with a new  gadget.

iPhones, iPads and iPod touches hold their value incredibly well, and even some recent android smartphones are still worth a good chunk of change that can go towards a new iPhone 5S, a Verizon HTC One, Moto X, upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, or just give you some extra cash to deal with the back to school season.

Selling these old gadgets doesn’t involve a shady meeting in the McDonald’s parking lot, and users can quickly check the value of their device and sell it from home at Gazelle.com and other gadget resellers, turning a gadget draw into cash quickly. These services may not pay as much as a person on Craigslist, but the value is often close enough that the convenience makes it worthwhile.

Old iPhones, iPads and Android devices hold value.

Old iPhones, iPads and Android devices hold value.

When it comes to old gadgets, over 50 percent of smartphone owners put their old smartphone in a drawer or closet when they bought a new one according to a consumer survey. For some users this is a smart decision, to keep a backup phone in case their phone breaks or is lost, but if you are already paying for iPhone insurance you could easily cover the enrollment fee or a deductible by selling your old iPhone or Android device.

Most smartphone users don't trade in an old device, leaving money in a drawer.

Most smartphone users don’t trade in an old device, leaving money in a drawer.

It’s not just old smartphones that can turn into cash. iPods, iPads, computers and even BlackBerry devices can be traded in for cash. Some devices pay big, like the iPhone which is growing in value in some cases, and others like a BlackBerry might only pay for a movie ticket, but it’s still worth checking out.

Gazelle provided the following estimated trade in values for popular gadgets below. These represent devices in great condition, so users should check the value of their specific device before planning how to spend the cash.

  • iPhones
    • iPhone 5 ($350)
    • iPhone 4s ($225)
    • iPhone 3G ($12)
  • Blackberries
    • BB Bold 9650 ($17)
    • BB Bold 9900 ($270)
  • Other Phones
    • HTC One ($315)
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 ($187)
  • iPads + Other Tablets
    • iPad 4 ($425)
    • iPad 2 WiFi only ($170)
    • Surface Pro ($496)
    • Nexus 7 ($99)
    • Fire HD ($180)
  • iPods
    • iPod Touch 4th Generation ($73)
    • iPod Touch 5th Generation ($128)
  • MacBooks
    • MacBook Pro 2012 ($1.545)
    • MacBook Pro 2009 ($372)

Even older devices like a Kindle Fire HD or an iPod Touch 4th generation can turn into a good payday. These prices are from Gazelle, and there are other trade in services to check out as well as looking on Craigslist and eBay.

Gazelle and other services let users lock in a value for 21 to 30 days which makes it possible to get a price, pick up your new gadget and use it, then send in the old device for a payday.

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