Verizon Can Make it Up To Galaxy Nexus Owners With Jelly Bean

I have come up with a way for Verizon to make it up to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners that it left without an update for over five months.

When carriers and manufacturers do customers “wrong”, especially with big name devices, they often make it up to them. Two examples come to mind.

The HTC EVO 4G LTE for Sprint was delayed beyond its May 18th release date. So, what did HTC and Sprint do to make it up to those who pre-ordered? They sent them a free case along with the device.

Galaxy NexusAnd remember when Apple was inundated with complaints from owners about the signal strength of the iPhone 4, a debacle dubbed Antennagate? It handed out free bumper cases to all iPhone 4 owners, even when it was proven that the issue affected many phones, not just the iPhone.

Well, Verizon has gone half way in making it up to Galaxy Nexus owners. The bug fix Android 4.0.4 update that it released five months after the device’s launch wiped out most of the issues plaguing the device.

And while that pleased me, it hasn’t restored my confidence in Verizon or the Nexus brand. But, after a couple of minutes of brainstorming (hopefully Verizon uses up a little more time) I have come up with a way to appease Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners who still feel slighted.

Later on this month, Google is expected to announce Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, it’s next mobile operating system. What if Verizon were to make it a priority to update the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1? What if, Verizon actually treated the Samsung Galaxy Nexus like a Nexus device?

I think that that gesture would definitely restore Galaxy Nexus owners confidence and restore consumer confidence in Verizon at the same time. Two birds with one stone, who doesn’t love that?

I realize that this is easier said than done, especially with the amount of devices in Verizon’s lineup of Android phones. However, people bought this phone thinking it was the yearly Nexus device that is usually first in line to get not only bug fix updates, but major Android updates as well.

Verizon restoring that standard would go a long way, don’t you think?

Do you agree? Or are have you Galaxy Nexus owners already lost faith in Verizon and the Nexus?