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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2 Update Leaks Ahead of Release



The Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update, which is the last Nexus-branded phone without its Android 4.2 update, has seen the latest version of Jelly Bean leak out early ahead of its official roll out which still is without a specific date.

Over the weekend, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2 update got closer than it ever has to rolling out as the update fell into the hands of a tester. This, along with the fact that Verizon customer support and the Galaxy Nexus support page says that an update is coming soon has lead many to believe that a roll out is extremely close.

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The Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2 update has leaked.

Those who don’t wish to wait for the roll out though have another option. The same person who got a hold of the update, XDA member elmadhatter, and his partner in crime, oldblue910, have found the file on Google’s servers and it’s available to download and install right now for those that wish to get the update a bit early.

The update, first outed by Droid-Life, may or may not be the final version of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update. Those who do wish to take the plunge early though will find build JDQ39, and it’s available to those that are running stock or unrooted versions of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with a little work.

Those who are not adept at installing updates manually will want to wait for the official OTA to arrive. It also might be worth waiting to see if this is the build that Verizon will indeed be rolling out to owners before installing as well.

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Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners who aren’t adept at sideloading software, using fastboot, or are unfamiliar with rooting should also avoid this update. Instead, wait for the official roll out from Verizon to arrive, which, appears to be just over the horizon.

The fact that this update is real, and in testers hands, means that a roll out should be close. Typically, the update will be approved by Verizon first, and then it will roll out slowly to owners in the days or weeks afterward.

Verizon has not approved the update but we imagine that that may come in the near future.

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