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5 Reasons to Wait for the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge



We still don’t have an official Verizon Galaxy Note Edge release date and potential buyers are starting to get impatient. With those people in mind, we want to take a look at five reasons why you should remain patient and wait for the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge release date to arrive.

Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Note Edge is a concept phone and it’s a device that’s intriguing given the unique and powerful specifications that it has on board . The Galaxy Note Edge specs include a curved Quad HD resolution display, a 2.7 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 805 with 3GB of RAM, Android 4.4.4 KitKat with Samsung TouchWiz, 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization, massive battery, and a thin 8.3mm frame. It also comes with an S Pen stylus like the Galaxy Note 4.

The Galaxy Note Edge was first announced back in September but it took a few months for it to arrive on carriers inside the United States. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are now selling the Galaxy Note Edge through their physical retail locations and through their online portals, offering consumers a solid alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 5

Samsung’s U.S. Galaxy Note Edge release date isn’t over though. U.S. Cellular and Verizon also confirmed Galaxy Note Edge releases though neither carrier issued specific release date details in those Note Edge announcements. It’s left potential buyers on edge and we’ve spoken to several people who are on the fence about buying now or waiting for the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge to arrive. We don’t blame them. After all, it’s been nearly three months since the Galaxy Note Edge was announced on stage in Berlin, Germany.

The Verizon Galaxy Note Edge release does remain out of reach but there are some very good reasons why many of you should wait for it to arrive. Today, we take a look at five of those reasons. Here’s why you should wait for the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge.

Verizon Galaxy Note Edge Release Close

The first thing that we usually tell people looking into buying a new smartphone is to be patient. The worst thing you can do is rush into a decision, especially if the smartphone or smartphones you’re looking at are expensive. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is one of the most expensive smartphones on the market and there’s absolutely no reason why you should be rushing your decision to buy it, or pass on it, without firm details in place.

If this phone was months away, you’d have some cause for concern but given that the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge release date is close, you’ll want to remain patient and wait, even if you’re leaning towards buying something else.

We don’t know the exact date but we know that the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge release date is imminent. We know this because the device recently passed through the FCC, giving it clearance to hit shelves in the United States. Typically, devices arrive within a few weeks of their FCC filing. In the Galaxy Note Edge’s case, we saw announcements come just a few short days after the AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile models hit the FCC.

The point is this. We’re close and if you’ve waited this long for Verizon to announce the Galaxy Note Edge, you might as well hear the carrier out. Remain patient because the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge release is on the horizon.

Could Be Cheaper Than AT&T, Others

We still don’t know the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge price either but we absolutely think that you prospective Galaxy Note Edge buyers, for any carrier, should wait to see what Verizon has up its sleeve.

Verizon, this year especially, has been offering devices, including flagship models, at affordable price points. The Galaxy Note 4, for example, fell in with the crowd in on-contract ($299.99) but Verizon’s off-contract price ($699) was actually much cheaper than AT&T. The price was cheaper than Sprint and T-Mobile as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos 2

While there’s no guarantee that Verizon will offer something similar for the Galaxy Note Edge, it’s still worth waiting around just to see. AT&T is charging an arm and a leg for the Galaxy Note Edge, particularly off-contract where the device stands at $945. As we’ve mentioned, we would not be surprised if Verizon charged $900 flat off-contract or even less to undercut its rival. We also would not be surprised if Verizon, one of the nation’s largest and most reliable carriers, charged similar to Sprint or T-Mobile.

It’s worth waiting to find out and that way, you can make an educated comparison next to the other top Galaxy Note Edge variants including the model from U.S. Cellular which, like the Verizon model, remains unreleased.

Verizon Galaxy Note Edge Deal

We haven’t seen many Galaxy Note Edge deals emerge for U.S. carriers which makes Verizon’s Switch and Save offer extremely appealing. The carrier offers $150 for every line you switch over to Verizon. This is a pretty big deal should you decide that the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge price is just right and Verizon’s network is right for you because it means that you’ll be able to shave quite a bit off of the price tag by adding a credit to your bill.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 8

We don’t expect to see many Galaxy Note Edge deals emerge and it looks like this might be one of the few. If you’re looking to shave a few bucks off what will almost certainly be an expensive combined price point (data plan/phone), think about waiting for Verizon’s model and think about this deal.

If You’re Already on Verizon

If you’re already on Verizon, there’s really no reason to leave until you’ve seen the pertinent release details or you’ve found something that beats your current plan. If you already love your plan and current coverage, there’s no reason to switch over just because you’re feeling impatient.

Switching over from a Verizon family plan to another carriers is also going to be a hassle that many of you probably won’t want to undertake, especially during the holidays, so you’ll probably want to hold out for Verizon’s model.

You Need to Go Hands-on

The Verizon Galaxy Note Edge is going to be similar to the other models but it’s probably going to come with some software differences (Read: Verizon bloatware) that you’ll want to see in action for yourself. Especially if you don’t plan on rooting or unlocking the device. If you haven’t been able to go hands-on with the Galaxy Note Edge (many of you haven’t) or if you haven’t been able to go hands-on with the Verizon model (none of you have), you’d be wise to wait until it arrives.

Getting hands on time is essential, especially with a unique device like the Galaxy Note Edge, and you’ll want to ensure that the Verizon model is the right model for you. You can’t go hands-on with this version until Verizon announces an in-store release date so you’re simply going to have to wait until the carrier decides the time is right for an announcement.



  1. Patrick Sutfin

    11/24/2014 at 2:12 pm

    Wondering If this guy owns Verizon stock or something, I read this whole article and what I got out of it was please stay with overpriced verizon even though it’s late to the ball with this amazing device, it will eventually come out and cost you an arm and a leg (but maybe not two legs like att model.) I really don’t know why anyone stays on att or verizon on contract they are crazy expensive and the data plans aren’t as good(cost) or as fast as tmobile sure they have better coverage in remote areas but for 90% of US population this is not the case.

  2. Rich

    11/24/2014 at 9:07 pm

    I totally agree Patrick

  3. DeAndre

    11/24/2014 at 9:28 pm

    Couldn’t agree more with Patrick! Actually yes I can: Aside from the obvious “Verizon Brown-Nosing” the write of this article has been regurgitating the same thing for nearly a month! The specs, the carriers and the fact that Verizon is the last to release is so clear if anyone does not know by now, “Wow…”. There is no great “hurrah” for staying with “The largest network” that can’t even release a phone on time. They are family plan is not that great, but I will give them the credit of having that they have best reception (in my opinion). But that only gets you that much loyalty as you can tell. I’m very diasapointed with them as their customer service has declined as well and their prices seem to be steadily rising. Bad service + High Prices + Inability to keep up with other carriers ≠ Loyal Customers!

  4. Nostromo

    11/25/2014 at 5:00 am

    The Edge will be an obsolete curiosity by the time it arrives. Had Samsung not trumpeted its coming the Edge would still have had an ‘edge’ on release day. It seems rather stale now; like getting 2013’s Gear Watch for a present. Ho hum.

  5. keevan morgan

    11/25/2014 at 4:43 pm

    well, actually, i AM more than a little aggravated at this phony release date. i’ve been a verizon customer both for my business and family since there have been cell phones and this one has me about to walk out.

    why announce something in september that is still being screwed around with and it’s almost december.

    if i had actually needed a new phone desperately, i’d have bought a different phone and changed carriers for good measure. i don’t, which is the only reason i haven’t bolted.

  6. DK

    11/27/2014 at 12:09 pm

    No big deal, my contract ends in February 2015. I can wait. Still pretty satisfied with my Note II.

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