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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Not a Verizon Exclusive After All?



Last night, Verizon drummed up some controversy when it placed a banner for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on its website with the words “Exclusively from Verizon” right above the device’s name. Today though, Big Red has replaced that banner with a new one and the word ‘exclusivity’ is no where to be found. Yes, it appears that things just got even murkier.

It had been unclear as to why Verizon had put the ‘exclusive’ tag on the banner in the first place. We know it’s headed to Europe on November 17th so it’s not the only carrier in the world getting it so it led many to speculate that it might be the only carrier in the United States that would be getting it.


A more likely scenario is that Verizon has a period of exclusivity over it before other carrier have at it. Both Sprint and AT&T have been rumored to be getting it somewhere down the road and now that the ‘exclusivity’ tag has been removed, it appears that Verizon is resigned to that fact as well.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Still, everything will remain in the shadows until a carrier or Google steps in to clarify everything for us.

Maybe that will happen now that Samsung has announced the device’s European launch date.

Via: Phandroid

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