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How to Watch Westworld Season 2 Free



The Westworld Season 2 premier is Sunday April 22nd and if you want to watch it you can watch for free thanks to loads of epic HBO free trials and a range of free HBO offers that allow you to watch Westworld season 1 and the new season free of charge.

Some of these HBO deals will allow you to watch for a month for free and then you will need to pay or switch to another way of getting a HBO trial, or you can use one of the deals that includes free HBO for life (or at least as long as you subscribe to another service).

How to Watch Westworld Season 2 Free

How to watch Westworld Season 2 for free.

How to watch Westworld Season 2 for free.

Here are the best places to get a free HBO trial that will allow you to watch Westworld season 2 and binge to catch up on season 1 all weekend. HBO is normally $14.99 a month from most cable companies or when you subscribe directly to HBO Now. Here’s where you can find HBO Now deals that will allow you to watch for free. There are enough trials and add-ons that you can in theory watch all 10 Westworld 2 episodes free by switching to another service twice.

If you use each of those free trials, and take advantage of the free HBO weekend that many cable operators are offering this weekend you can get through all of Westworld Season 2 for free. Ultimately you may need to pay for one month of the service if there is a break in the episodes, but this is a great way to watch Westworld 2.

If you are an AT&T Unlimited customer you can get free HBO Now no matter what you use to watch TV, or free HBO Go if you are a DirecTV subscriber. This last as long as you subscribe to the AT&T Unlimited plan that includes the free HBO access. This is a great way to get the HBO for free. Here’s more on the AT&T Unlimited data plans that you can use to get free HBO.

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