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Waypoint EDU Gets Kids Outside with Educational AR Treasure Hunts



Waypoint EDU is an awesome Augmented Reality app that you can use to create educational treasure hunts for your kids or your classroom in AR. It’s like Pokémon GO, but instead of randomly finding Pokémon, kids must walk around an area to find AR Waypoints that pop up with educational information and cool Augmented Reality versions of the objects.

Designed for teachers and parents, Waypoint EDU is a great way to bring kids outside and transfer the love of using technology to learning by bringing objects to life and combining the benefits of moving around outdoors with learning. Best of all this app is free to download and use, which is awesome news for teachers.

Waypoint EDU is a cool AR game that delivers cool learning experiences.

Waypoint EDU is a cool AR game that delivers cool learning experiences.

The app is free to download and use. This app comes with two sample hunts including a Wonders of the World Hunt with Stonehenge and the Pyramid of Giza as well as a hunt to explore inventions like the lightbulb and telephone with scaled down versions in AR. You can use these scavenger hunts or geocaches to get started or you can make your own using the app. When students find a waypoint in the game, they will see an Augmented Reality version of the object and can then take a quiz

Teachers simply need to set the waypoints on the map and mark the play field and then kids can get started. Check out a demo of Waypoint EDU in action below.

Waypoint EDU is designed for teachers and students of all ages. It requires a phone with GPS+Cellular to play the game, but a teacher can also use a non cellular device to make a map. With many students carrying cell phones, many classrooms have all the tools needed to get started with this app. Teachers can share Hunts to students wirelessly using AirDrop to send right to the phones.

You can download Waypoint EDU from the App Store for free and use it on the iPhone 6s and newer or iPad Pro models, all of which support ARKit.

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