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What’s New in iOS 10.2.1 & iOS 10.2



iOS 10.2 Music and News Upgrades

iOS 10.2 Music and News Upgrades

There are some small updates to Music and News apps on iOS 10.2 that will make it easier for you to hear what you want and read the news that matters most to you.

Specifically the iOS 10.2 music app allows you to swipe up from the bottom to change Shuffle, Repeat and Up Next options. You can also now choose how to sort playlists, albums and songs in your library.

In the News app you will now see saved stories in a special saved stories section that will let you quickly access them. You will also now see the best paid stories in a special section in For You when you subscribe to paid news sources. You can also swipe left or tap on the edge of the screen to get to the next story.

Once you install iOS 10.2, you can open these apps to check out the new iOS 10.2 features.



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    If I update my iPad to iOS 10.2.0, will I be abke to use my fingerprint to unlock my iPad? I’ve always been wanting to be able to do that. Thanks!

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