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Which MacBook Air Should I Buy



“Which MacBook Air Should I Buy” That’s a question I’m hearing from friends now that the 2020 MacBook Air is here with better performance, a new keyboard, and a cheaper price. This guide will help you decide which MacBook Air you should buy in 2020.

The new MacBook Air starts at $999 and is available in two standard models, with a range of options for storage and RAM. The same options and models are available for students, but the price starts at $899.

Should I Buy the 2020 MacBook Air or an Older Model?

Which MacBook Air should I buy in 2020?

One of the biggest questions is whether to buy the 2020 MacBook Air or to look for a used or older model.

If you can afford the newest model, and you plan to keep your MacBook Air for a long time, you should buy the 2020 MacBook Air. Here’s why;

  1. It has a good keyboard that is reliable.
  2. It’s twice as fast as the old model.
  3. It starts with double the storage as the old model.
  4. It has better speakers and microphones.

The main reason to buy the older model is if you find a great deal on it. Given the current price of a base MacBook Air, we would only recommend a used MacBook Air if you are getting it for less than $600 for a base model.

Which MacBook Air Should I Buy?

Both MacBook Air models look the same, but one starts with double the storage and a faster processor.

The MacBook Air starts at $999 and the next model is $1,299. You can customize either of these models when you purchase at some retailers, but customizing may delay the delivery date slightly.

There are two main differences between the base model and the $300 more expensive model;

  • Faster Processor
  • Double the Storage

You can customize the base model with the same processor and storage, and you’ll pay the same as choosing the pre-configured $1,299 model. There is no difference in price when you configure one model over the other.

The best value for most buyers is the $999 MacBook Air. It includes enough power and enough storage for many users and students. If you use iCloud to keep your photos online and to back your iPhone up, 256GB is enough.

If you need more storage for work files, for editing photos and videos locally or you know that you need a more powerful processor you may want to get the $1,299 model for faster delivery.

For buyers who are self-identified power users, the $1,299 model is a better option.

How Much MacBook Air RAM Do I Need?

How much MacBook Air RAM do you need?

The 2020 MacBook Air comes with 8GB of RAM standard and 16GB of RAM as an option. Doubling the RAM in a MacBook Air costs $200, and you can only do it when you buy the notebook. You can’t add more RAM later.

Even with that restriction, most buyers will be fine with the base 8GB of RAM.

If you are a developer, using the MacBook Air for heavy tasks or for video editing you should consider the 16GB RAM upgrade. And, if you are at that stage, you may want to consider waiting for the 2020 MacBook Pro 13.

How Much MacBook Air Storage Do I Need?

How much MacBook Air storage do you need?

How much MacBook Air storage do you need?

The entry-level MacBook Air comes with 256GB of storage and the next level up includes 512GB. You can also choose 1TB or 2TB of storage.

For the average user who keeps their photos backed up online, the 256GB storage option is a good choice.

If you are using the MacBook Air for more demanding projects, you may need the 512GB option.

From experience, if you actually need 1TB or 2TB of storage you already know it.

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