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3 Reasons to Wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro & 5 Reasons Not To



Should I wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro? That’s a question that I’m hearing almost every day from readers and from friends that need a new MacBook Pro.

We could still see two new 2020 MacBook Pro models this year, including a new MacBook Pro with an ARM based processor that Apple announced in June at WWDC.

Apple announced a 2020 MacBook Pro  with a 13-inch display earlier this year, running Intel processors. It’s still very new, but it looks like Apple could deliver an ARM version by the end of the year.


If you are looking for a 16-inch MacBook Pro or a MacBook Pro with new features, you should wait until the fall, if you can. That’s not going to be possible for everyone, but it could be worth it. A word of caution for users waiting for the MacBook Pro 14 or for the MacBook Pro 16 with Mini LED technology, they may not arrive until 2021 according to a new report.

Right now you can buy the MacBook Pro 16 for up to $200 off at Amazon, B&H Photo, and Best Buy. The 2020 MacBook Pro 13 is available today from Apple and B&H Photo. It will arrive at other retailers soon. For some buyers the 2020 MacBook Air right now.

To help you decide if you should wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro, or if you should buy one of the current models this guide explains the important reasons to wait for a new MacBook Pro and the other side of the argument, why you should just buy the best MacBook Pro or MacBook Air for you right now.

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This is important because you can always keep waiting for the next big thing, which is impractical. At the same time, you don’t want to buy the current MacBook Pro and then find out that the new one offers something amazing that you don’t want to live without for the next few years.


The 2020 MacBook Pro 13 includes the new Magic Keyboard, and if you buy the high-end model you get the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i processors and faster RAM. There is no larger screen size yet, but that could still be coming in 2020 or 2021.

With the latest information, you can decide for yourself if you should wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro, which we already know a lot about, or if you should buy one of the current options. We also include a few reasons not to wait, which includes the advice we give friends and family when they are shopping for a new laptop.

MacBook Pro 16-inch
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Here are the reasons to wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro;

  1. Wait for Better Processors
  2. Wait for an ARM MacBook Pro 13
  3. Wait for 5G

Before you put your wallet away and prepare to wait for months, you should check out these important reasons not to wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro release date, at least not yet.

  1. Don’t Wait for a 16-inch MacBook Pro Yet
  2. Don’t Wait for a Display Upgrade
  3. Don’t Wait for Deals
  4. Don’t Wait if You Find a Better Alternative
  5. Don’t Wait if the MacBook Air is Perfect for You

Most of the reasons to wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro are based on rumors for the new models, and the reasons not to wait are things you will need to ask yourself.

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Wait for Better Processors and Graphics

Wait for Better Processors and Graphics

Wait if you want a MacBook Pro that is better at processing video and if you need a machine that is faster at compressing or decompressing files. 

The high-end 2020 MacBook Pro 13 comes with a 10th Gen Intel Core i processor and the 16-inch MacBook Pro uses a 9th Gen Intel Core i processor. If you are looking for more power, you may want hold off for the 2020 MacBook Pro that is still coming. 

A report in February points to the 10th Gen Intel Core i Ice Lake processors and one comparison outlines a 12% CPU boost and a 30% faster GPU. That's a significant upgrade to look forward to.  

While the average day to day tasks on your computer will likely feel about the same as the current models, the 2020 MacBook Pro should process video faster and do a better job of quickly compressing and decompressing files. 

The graphics card that comes with these processors already shows at least a 50% boost in real-world graphics performance according to Macworld. This also means that you will be able to use these with the new Pro Display XDR and it should support up to three 4K displays at 120hz, two 5K displays at 60hz, or a single 8K display at 30 Hz. 

These will likely be for the 16-inch MacBook Pro specifically, and there is a good reason to keep waiting for a 2020 MacBook Pro with a 13-inch display. 

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