Why Did I Buy the Galaxy Nexus Again?

At the end of 2011, I faced a tough decision about which phone I should buy to replace my iPhone 3GS. Ultimately, I decided on the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

One of the reasons I decided on the Galaxy Nexus was because it was a Nexus branded device.

What does this mean exactly?

In the past, it meant that the device would get relatively quick updates. Yes, major Android updates. But maintenance updates as well.

Well, my experience with Android, prior to getting the Nexus, was one riddled with bugs, glitches, sluggish UIs.

I figured picking up a Nexus would save me from these issues. And if there were issues, Google and Verizon would make sure to handle them quickly.

You can probably guess where I’m heading with this.

My experience with the Galaxy Nexus has been one riddled with problems. Poor battery life, connection stability issues, hang ups, and random reboots. I’ve also experienced the fairly well-known audio issue where the mic cuts out but that issue has only started to happen recently.

Why Did I Buy the Galaxy Nexus Again?I will say that for the most part, I’ve heard mostly good experiences from Galaxy Nexus owners. But I’ve also spoken with some that have endured the same, troubled road I have.

I’ve dealt with several of these issues, the battery life issue in particular, since I picked up the device back in December.

The fact that it’s now April and we have yet to see a major update for the Galaxy Nexus is absolutely mind-boggling to me.

While I appreciate the Android development community, I shouldn’t have to fall back on them to get a relatively bug-free experience on my smartphone.

I thought Google and Verizon were going to provide that experience for me given that this is a Nexus phone.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case at all and quite frankly, the allure of the almighty ‘Nexus’ has dimmed for me.

There is an update on the horizon though and I am hopeful that the Android 4.0.5 update solves a lot of the issues that I’ve had with my Galaxy Nexus, and really, Android 4.0.

It’s just a shame that I’ve had to wait for four months and counting in silence waiting for Google or Verizon to say or do something for their flagship device.

How has your experience with Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus been?