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Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Samsung Galaxy Alpha Yet



The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is an exciting new smartphone that combines solid specs with a plastic and metal design. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is an intriguing Android smartphone but it’s one that we think you should hold off on buying at least in the next few weeks.

Earlier this month, Samsung announced a brand new Galaxy smartphone that’s set for arrival in the month of September. While it’s not the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha is an extremely attractive smartphone and it’s a device that plenty of people are considering as we push into the month of September. We don’t blame them.


The Samsung Galaxy Alpha comes with an impressive list of features including a 4.7-inch 1280 x 720 HD AMOLED Display, 1.8 GHz 8-Core Samsung Exynos Processor with 2GB of RAM, 12MP rear camera, fingerprint sensor, heart rate sensor, Android 4.4.4 KitKat, and a design that features a thin form factor and plastic and metal build materials. Yes, the Galaxy Alpha features a design that’s partially made out of metal.

This is huge because typically, Samsung smartphones, particularly mid-range smartphones like the Galaxy Alpha, come with pure plastic designs. It’s an interesting package and one that will officially be hitting shelves at some point in September after a pre-order process that begins in just a few short days. At least officially. Samsung Galaxy Alpha pre-orders are available right now at at least one retailer.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a device that should certainly be on your radar as we move deeper into the year but at this point, it’s a device that we can’t recommend. At least not yet.

Right now is the absolute worst time to buy any smartphone be it an iPhone, a Galaxy smartphone or an LG G3. That’s because we’re hitting the tail end of the yearly smartphone cycle. The devices that arrive in the next two months or so will likely represent the top smartphone options until the cycle begins anew in the beginning of 2015.

Here’s what this means for prospective Galaxy Alpha buyers.

Galaxy Note 4

Maybe the best reason to hold off on buying the Samsung Galaxy Alpha right now is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, one of the year’s biggest (literally) smartphones, is just over the horizon. We’re talking mere weeks from now.

That video above will get you up to speed but in case you’re completely unfamiliar with the Galaxy Note 4, here’s what you need to know. Earlier this month, Samsung confirmed the Galaxy Note 4 release. While Samsung still isn’t talking about its announcements, this date is set in stone thanks to a series of trailers the company has put out promoting the event.

What this means is that in just a few short weeks, we’re going to see another Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphone option emerge. This only happens once a year. And if rumors are correct, the Galaxy Note 4 could be a pretty big step up from last year’s model as Samsung looks to compete against the LG G3 and Apple’s iPhone 6. It should also match up extremely well against the Galaxy Alpha.

Galaxy Note 4 Camera Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to deliver a number of changes including a better 5.7-inch QHD display, a more efficient Snapdragon 805 processor, an upgraded camera with optical image stabilization, a UV sensor, a fingerprint sensor for added security, and a design that could combine sleek looking plastic with a metal frame. In other words, it could be a larger, better version of the Galaxy Alpha.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 should come bundled with the company’s S Pen stylus, a stylus that can be used for far more than just writing and drawing on the screen. The S Pen lets you take advantage of some remarkable applications including a powerful note taking app called S Note that is perfect for business meetings and class. It’s a feature that’s not available for the Galaxy Alpha and one that we think consumers must rule out before buying a new Galaxy smartphone.

The Galaxy Note 4 release could bring just what this Galaxy Note 3 owner wants.

The Galaxy Note 4 release could bring what Galaxy Note 3 owners want.

Point is, Galaxy Note 4 rumors present a pretty interesting Galaxy Alpha alternative. And while you may not wind up buying the Galaxy Note 4 over the Galaxy Alpha, we suggest waiting a few weeks so that you can weigh them both next to each other.

iPhone 6

In case you haven’t heard, the Galaxy Note 4 isn’t the only major device slated to arrive in September. Apple’s iPhone 6 launch is expected to take place on September 9th. That date isn’t confirmed but Recode’s John Paczkowski is a solid source and we expect to see invites sent out sometime in the next three weeks or so, perhaps in and around the Galaxy Note 4′s launch date.

iPhone 6 Video Comparison

This year’s iPhone could match up very well with the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Alpha It’s rumored to have two new screen sizes, 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches, both of which will provide more screen real estate for gaming, the web, getting work done, and television shows and movies. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model, expected to be the flagship, will be the direct Galaxy Alpha challenger.

In addition to the screen size changes, the iPhone 6 is also rumored to have a higher-resolution display, a slimmer and better protected design, a camera that’s improved over the iPhone 5s’, and an A8 processor that could deliver better performance and battery life. The device is expected to be a significant step up from the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6 Video - Camera

So by holding off on a Galaxy Alpha pre-order or purchase in the next few weeks, you’ll not only run into a new Galaxy Note but you’ll probably also be able to weigh the device against a brand new iPhone. Like the Galaxy Note series, the iPhone only comes around once a year so it’s certainly worth holding out for if you can.

Moto X+1

Motorola is hosting a press event on September 4th, or, the day after the Galaxy Note 4 launch. It’s there that the company is expected to announce its next Moto X model, the Moto X+1, in addition to a brand new Moto G2. As we’ve noted, both devices looks like it will pick up where the Moto X and Moto G left off as both are expected to feature fantastic hardware specs and Android software.


If that’s not enough to convince you, consider this.

There is a very good chance that the arrival of Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6 and Moto X+ will set off a chain reaction of price drops amongst current Android smartphones, including the LG G3 and Galaxy S5. Both are already on sale for $100 or less and it would not be surprising to see them dip even further in an effort to compete.

We could also see Galaxy Alpha deals emerge on or after its released. New Android smartphones, especially ones that are going to need a sales boost, typically see their prices drop almost immediately after their release. So, in other words, there’s really no reason to pre-order this phone at full price.


If you’re not in any hurry to replace your current smartphone and you aren’t one hundred percent sold on the Galaxy Alpha, I highly recommend waiting, at least until September. In September, you’ll have three more options to weigh against Samsung’s new Galaxy and you should also have access to cheaper Android competitors.

We understand that every situation is different. Phones break, money appears, whatever. If you simply can’t wait, make sure that you don’t pay a ton for Galaxy Alpha. We almost always see day one price cuts on new Android smartphones.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. robertkoa

    08/26/2014 at 4:31 pm

    Good advice for most people.

    Personally I am waiting for a
    Pocket Rocket about 5.2 ” Device height , 4.7″ screen , Alpha is close , Iphone 6 is too large ( 5.5″ tall ?)
    And Alpha is too THIN -if it was
    thicker it could have a Bigger Battery, SD Card, the Camera from Note 4.
    I call it Alpha Pro – for athletes, Pros who need Power , Active people , Artists, who don’t want to carry a large , fragile phone…or wear a Utility Belt like Batman, lol.
    Now go tell Samsung, thanks.

    Maybe the A700 will be this Pocket Rocket , 10mm thick Alpha Pro ?

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