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Xbox One Fallout 4 Release: 5 Things to Keep in Mind



Fallout 4 Season Pass

Fallout 4 Season Pass

Bethesda recently announced a Fallout 4 Season Pass for the Xbox One that should be on your radar if you plan to commit to Fallout 4 for the long haul. 

The company's $30 Fallout 4 Season Pass nets you all of the game's unannounced DLC. The company says that the first DLC should arrive next year and that it will be worth $40 or more. It's not clear how much DLC the company will release though we expect to hear about those details after the game's release.

If the Fallout 4 DLC is anything like Fallout 3's DLC or Skyrim's DLC, Xbox One users can expect new quests, items, and more.

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