5 Best Car Buying Apps for the iPhone

With five car buying apps for the iPhone, car shoppers can save on a new car, get a great deal on a used car, find a fair trade in value and get a great loan.

Car shopping is time-consuming and daunting for many users, but with the right knowledge it can be a fun experience. The following iPhone apps simplify the car buying experience, and all the apps are free.

These car buying apps offer an incredible value, and are always with you, so it’s easy to reference them while on the dealer’s lot or working with an independent seller.

iPhone Car Buying Apps

The best iPhone apps for car shopping.

Essential Car Buying Apps for iPhone

The following five car buying apps for the iPhone are the ones I used while purchasing my new car, and they simplified the process greatly. Each app offers a different strength, ans since all these car buying apps for the iPhone are free, it’s a good idea to download them all and keep them on hand for the entire car buying process.


It’s a good idea to start the search at home, where there is no pressure, and these apps can answer most of the questions users would need to normally ask a salesman about. Most of these apps allow users to save their favorite cars to look at again later.

Cars.com iPhone App

Cars com iPhone App

The Cars.com iPhone app offers comparisons and more.

The Cars.com iPhone app offers the ability to search cars in stock at local dealers by make and model, and then allows users to compare three cars side by side right on the iPhone, to find the best of the best. The app searches new and used cars at dealers.

Users can also use the app to find car reviews from multiple sources. The reviews are stripped of photos, but offer plenty of information about how the car handles, style and comparisons to the competition.

One of the best built-in tools is the car loan calculator. The app offers an easy to use tool to figure the monthly payment based on vehicle price, down payment, tax, interest rate and trade in. This is the best mobile car loan calculator available, and helps avoid playing games at a dealership with a 4-square sheet. Users can also work backwards with an Affordability calculator to see how much car they can afford at a set monthly payment.

Find Cars.com for the iPhone in the App Store.

AutoTrader iPhone App

autotrader for iPhone

AutoTrader for iPhone finds local cars for sale.

The AutoTrader iPhone app also offers the ability to search for new and used cars, and adds in searching for private sellers. This is great for users looking for a used car without visiting a dealership.

The app offers a powerful advanced search screen with options for engine type, transmission, color, body style and other filters, to help narrow down the search. The App includes the ability to find a dealer and view the specific dealer’s inventory.

While on the lot, or checking out a used car for sale in a parking lot, open the app and scan the VIN on the windshield to see other cars like it for sale. This is a great way to compare real asking prices for cars nearby.

Users can sign in to AutoTrader to save searches and sign up for notifications when cars matching their desired type are put on the market.


Grab AutoTrader for the iPhone free in the App Store.

Edmunds iPhone App

edmunds iphone app car shopping

Use the Edmunds app to find a fair price for a new car.

When it comes to negotiating the best price for a new or used car, the Edmunds iPhone app is the best tool for the job.

With the year, make, model and trim level the Edmunds app shows all the pricing info users need to make sure they get a great deal. When possible this uses real prices paid for similar vehicles in your location.

For new cars, the app shows the Dealer Invoice and MSRP of the vehicle. The real number to pay attention to is the True Market Value, a value that reflects a fair price to pay for a new car. Users can add options to see what their dream car would cost and whet a fair price is.

For used cars the app offers Dealer retail pricing and Private party sale values as well as an estimated trade-in value. Users can adjust the condition and mileage of the car to see accurate pricing.

The app also offers fast access to all incentives and rebates for new cars, inventory search, reviews, photos and videos as well as cost of ownership and safety ratings.

Edmunds iPhone app is free in the App Store.

Kelly Blue Book iPhone App

Kelly Blue Book for iPhone

The Kelly Blue Book iPhone app finds fair pricing on trade-ins.

Kelly Blue Book is the go to guide for car pricing and the best tool for figuring out what a fair price for a trade-in car is. While the app does offer new car information, like Edmunds, it is best and finding out how much your current car is worth.

Users can enter information about their current car and see the trade-in prices to look for at a dealer and how much to expect from a private sale. The app lets users choose options and see price changes based on the features their current car offers.

Don’t trade-in a used car without checking the price in the Kelly Blue Book iPhone app.

Get the Kelly Blue book iPhone app in the App Store.

Credit Karma iPhone App

free credit score iphone app credit karma

Get a free credit score check with the Credit Karma iPhone app.

Users that plan to get financing for a new or used car need to sign up for the free Credit Karma app to see their current credit score. The free app offers the TransUnion credit score, which may be slightly different from what a credit report provides, but it is close enough to ensure a fair interest rate.

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This app provides an explanation of the user’s credit score, a credit report card and listing of accounts. It also offers notifications for credit inquiries, so users can see who is pulling their credit history. The free app is a great companion for car shopping and for monitoring credit score for other large purchases.

Get Credit Karma free in the App Store.