3 Common Xbox One Problems and Fixes

The Xbox One is an exciting new console, but a collection of Xbox One problems are frustrating some gamers. Thankfully there are a number of fixes available for these common problems, which will get users back to gaming and watching movies on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One is a $500 gaming console that competes with the PS4 for the new generation of gaming which launched in late 2013. Like many new devices, consumers run into a collection of problems soon after the release.

In the past several months Microsoft worked to deliver Xbox One updates to fix the most common Xbox One problems. The most recent Xbox One Update is the first major patch for the system, which should fix a number of these issues.

With new consoles coming every five to eight years, we often see companies work on patches to fix problems like these, and then shift to adding features for the next several years.

This collection of Xbox One problems comes from Fixya, a community driven website which helps users fix problems with many devices, including the latest game consoles.


Xbox One Kinect Problems

The Xbox One Kinect 2 sensor is included with the system so owners can control the Xbox One with voice and gestures. This new sensor is more accurate than the Kinect sold with the Xbox 360, but it is not perfect. The Xbox One Kinect allows users to control games like NBA 2k14 and Madden 25 with their voice.


A common Xbox One problem is a Kinect sensor that doesn’t work right.

The biggest Xbox One problem according to users on Fixya is the Kinect sensor. Users report that it does not respond to voice commands properly and not picking up on motions accurately. While playing Madden 25, the Gotta Be Mobile staff found that the Kinect sensor would often call audibles or time outs while we carried on a conversation during the game.

It is possible to fix some of these Kinect 2 problems with a few steps. The first thing to do is make sure you are running the latest Xbox One software.


Users should also make sure the Kinect is firmly plugged in to the Xbox One. It may be a good idea to disconnect and reconnect the Kinect.

The next step is to set up the Kinect for the current room. This is important if you have change the placement of the Kinect or moved the Xbox to another room. This process checks the camera and tunes the Kinect audio for the room. After performing these steps we experienced fewer Kinect errors in Madden 25.

Set up the Kinect to fix this common Xbox One problem.

Set up the Kinect to fix this common Xbox One problem.

Go to Settings -> Kinect -> I moved my Kinect or I’m having trouble with Kinect.

This will walk users through a setup to calibrate the device. If there are still problems users can reset the Xbox One by turning the console off for 2 minutes, unplugging all cables and then connecting everything again.

If all else fails you may need to talk to Microsoft to get a replacement Kinect.

Xbox Turning Off

Some users report that the Xbox One is turning off randomly, preventing them from playing games. This is not as common, but arguably a bigger Xbox One problem than Kinect issues. When this happens the Xbox One may turn off and not immediately allow users to turn it back on.

Xbox One Problems - Turning Off Randomly

A common Xbox One problem is the console turning off.

Fixya suggests making sure the Xbox One is not overheating. If it is users should see a warning, and avoid using the Xbox for two hours. Before using it again, make sure it is on a ventilated surface and not sitting on carpet or something similar which can impede airflow. Fixya also recommends making sure the light on the power brick is a solid color and not flickering as well as trying a different outlet.

Xbox One Sound Problems

Another common Xbox One problem revolves around the sound coming out of the Xbox One. Some users report that audio is very quiet, audio is missing or audio only coming out of one speaker. The Xbox One uses an HDMI cable and an optical audio cable to send sound to a HDTV or home theater, and this is the first place to look if you experience this Xbox One problem.

Check the Display and Sound settings to fix this Xbox One problem.

Check the Display and Sound settings to fix this Xbox One problem. Image via Xbox Support.

If possible switch to a new HDMI cable or optical cable to rule out a damaged cable. Most HDMI and optical cables are resilient, but it is possible to damage one. If this is the first time you are setting up an Xbox One with these cables, double-check your connections on the Xbox and the TV.

If this does not fix the solution trying resetting the Xbox One by unplugging everything after letting it sit for 2 minutes. Another possible fix is to check out the Xbox One Settings for sounds to see if things are configured correctly.

These solutions should fix the most common Xbox One problems, but if there are still issues that prevent users from playing Microsoft is the next step. Users can use the contact option on Xbox to talk with a support professional. Users can talk to a Community Ambassador who can help troubleshoot, a Microsoft Support tech who can troubleshoot and help arrange repairs or request a phone call from Microsoft Support.


  1. Paul Bertanees says

    My new Xbox will not load any of my games, it just flicks back to the main screen, my controller wont operate with machine at all from time to time. at the moment its a combination of the two.
    I have loaded two games directly onto the machine/purchased without a disk and that’s all.
    Also a couple of times my Kinect would not operate but I think it was getting to hot as I had it on top of the Xbox one.
    The Xbox one is sitting on top of my TV cabinet so it shouldn’t be overheating I turned it on first time today and it wont load my games and a few minutes later the controller wont work as well/ it turns on but wont respond and its not flat fully charged up.

  2. B J Catt says

    I had this problem just unplug it make sure its disconnected from the power for 5 min than plug it back in and it should reboot and work again I’ve had to do it every few weeks but it works

  3. ritchie says

    My Xbox one won’t let me sign into my gamer profile , it just says try in a few minutes but it won’t work..

  4. Wayne says

    Just bought my brand new xbox one today I have spent 6 hours trying to get it to install games it gets to 84% and stops. Spoke to xbox support for an hour still didn’t work figured out I had to install off line it installed went to play the game it said it had an update and I had to go back online it’s been an hour and a half still no game and now the kinect is saying its unplugged and it’s not. Biggest waste of money I have every spent I will be returning it in the morning
    I am not satisfied with this system at all.

  5. andala Stewart says

    well my problem is that after installing my gamest. they work, offline at least. but as soon as I update they stay stuck at main menu. like cod ghost it’s stuck at mask. I’ve uninstalled multiple time and downloaded the updates again. but as soon as I update they won’t work offline or online. I’ve tried the system reset thing. didn’t work. .mine is a day one edition. I just started using it. playing online is important to me. other wise I wouldn’t get the membership every year. so about to throw this shit out the window. I just want to play I have season passes and things I need to download for these games that I paid for. ugh…

  6. Ern says

    i purchsded new madden today,let it install only took 30 mins,played 2-3 hrs as it wrkd perfectly,so i go to play nxt day and it days to update and install,i said wtf,then it took forever,i called support on the phone for a hour they couldnt hlp,im pissed,and i threw my reciept away xbox1 needs to handle this situation its not fair to gamers,who spend they hard earn money on something u cant enjoy

  7. suddenmartin says

    My X box one works perfectly but there is one anoying thing. I have My xone connected to my dolby surround system and proximility every 15 minutes the sound glitches so that i cant hear the sound. Its like he disconect for a second en then continues….

  8. Larry says

    I have the same problem as suddenmartin my Xbox one is connected through an audio amp and every 15 mins ish the sound stops for 1 second then back again. Also if I use headphones. Very annoying. Any ideas?

  9. Jill says

    The Nintendo from 1985 works better than this epic failure. It took several days for a game that came with the system to completely download. Microsoft loves to blame internet connection but when everything else not Microsoft works, it’s pretty obvious where the faulty lies. Biggest piece of garbage ever created. Tre people responsible should consider seppuku if they had any honor left.

  10. Helio says

    My Xbox one was turning off by itself while watching Netflix every 20 minutes or so. Someone suggested that instead of using wifi to use the cable for Internet and since I started using the cable I never experienced this problem anymore. I thought I would share…

  11. Darren says

    My console doesnt like being moved to another tv. Which is a big problem for my son who takes it to his friends house. The controller turns the xbox on but then flashes and wont allow control on screen. ie controller useless. Wtf is going on? I didnt fork out £350 so he couldn’t move it.

  12. teresa says

    Is the problem solved yet that hackers caused Christmas day,only still getting problems with connect saying no connection please help advice please

  13. Howard says

    Got the kinect today. .. when I shut it off, I noticed that my tv screen picture shakes. It never did that before… help!

  14. Rita Pickering says

    My power went out for 5 seconds last night. Everything came back on but my XBOX1. I’ve tried unpluging and plugging back in. turned off the power strip and turned it back on. Any suggestions?

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