Must-Have Back To School Accessories for iPads


At my school, we use the polycarbonate Macbooks for educational purposes. But rumor is, we might change to iPads because of the cost. No matter how you get them, here are some apps, accessories and more for your back-to-school iPad. The Smart Cover (Apple, Variety of Colors, $39 or $69, leather or polyurethane) covers the front of the iPad 2 and […]

Top 5 Winterboard Themes for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch


Jailbreaking your iDevice means that you add a small program that allows you to tweak and customize your it a little bit more. There are 2 main pros with doing this: 1. Theming  (You can customize icons, lockscreen, etc.) and 2. tweaking your idevice (customize your cpu, adding flash, etc.). Theming is mostly done with […]

Top 5 Cydia Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch


Jailbreaking your iPhone gives you new features, cracked apps, live wallpapers and much more. I have looked into Cydia (Cydia is the main “Cracked App Store” for jailbroken iDevices) and found the best of the best. These apps are all universal, except for one. Android Lock (Free and Full version available) Android Lock is a […]

iPad vs. Android Tablets: A Kids Perspective

Ever since the original iPad came out people have loved it. There is online web browsing on a big screen, applications of all different categories, music, movies, games and much more. And after the new iPad 2, more and more people think that the iPad is the best tablet on the market. That is, for […]

5 Awesome iPad Games for Kids This Summer

plants vs zombies HD iPad app

Every year I think about summer. All kids want to have fun during their summer vacations, right? So why not enhance it with some great iPad games! With the iPad 2’s new Apple Dual-core A5 providing horsepower, there are a ton of fantastic games that look great on the iPad. Although the games and apps […]