Mobile On A Motorcycle With The Sena SMH5 Bluetooth Headset


Being on a motorcycle doesn’t have to mean the loss of connectivity, music, or even the ability to talk to Siri. Using the Sena SMH5 bluetooth headset inside a helmet makes any of the above tasks possible with a simple click of a button or turn of a jog dial. The SMH5 specs are impressive, […]

Dynamism Offering Special Viliv X70 Pre Order Deal


We just received word that Dynamism is going to be offering up a special deal on the Viliv X70 Series MID on July 6th.  If you want a killer deal on one of these new high rated units, head over early as the special is only for the first 777 units. Some basic specs on […]

Going Social With Sugarsync


I am a Sugarsync user and I have the 100 Gig account and for me personally, I really like the service.   One thing I like about using it as a backup solution is that I can access/backup from both my laptop (2 different partitions actually) and the Mac I have been using at home. […]

Better Pictures and Mobile Video For The iPhone


Something that has been around for quite a while in cell phones is now big news in the iPhone world.  The new 3.0 MP Camera and Video recording features in the iPhone are going to hit a sweet spot to iPhone users.  I personally find that the current camera isn’t half bad, under the right […]

TomTom Navigation Comes To The iPhone

Being mobile for us is part of the game we play.   Many of us use a portable GPS mounted in the car Now there is a new option if you have an iPhone! Turn by Turn using TomTom on the iPhone!   Noted as being available ‘this summer’. Updates as more becomes available

Spec Update For The Getac V100 Rugged Tablet PC


The ever rugged V100 from Getac has been given an ‘under the hood’ reworking to provide better performance while still keeping that bulletproof outer shell.  This update has provided the V100 with a faster processor, higher memory capacity, more storage and expanded wireless options to provide greater connectivity while out in the field. This unit […]

Touchpanel Lab Shows Off Some New Touchscreen Tech


Touchpanel Laboratores is showing off some new 9 point detection technology.  As the article says, there aren’t too many more details just yet, but it’s still another touchpanel for us to lay our fingers on!  Of note as well is the mention of the ‘Curved Touchpanel screen — Imaging the possibilities!

We’re a GO for Slingplayer With Retracted AT&T TOS Change

So that didn’t last long…   AT&T has retracted the changes I posted about earlier today.   Engadget has the details: The language added on March 30 to AT&T’s wireless data service Terms and Conditions was done in error. It was brought to our attention and we have since removed it. We apologize for any […]

Hold on there Mobile iPhone Slingplayer People!

Humm   What’s going on here??   What has AT&T done to the license agreement?   I wonder if this means that there will be no Slingplayer on the iPhone?? “This means, by way of example only, that checking email, surfing the Internet, downloading legally acquired songs, and/or visiting corporate intranets is permitted, but downloading […]

Throwing Your Tablet PC for Taxes


It’s almost getting crunch time for getting your taxes submitted and we all know what kind of mood that can get us in    Well, it seems that the folks in Iowa were getting a little fired up during a recent hearing.  One of the speakers was Matt Miller from Mobile Demand and his Tablet […]

Lenovo Yoga Netbook Pictures


Following some reports a while back from Engadget Chinese about a mysterious netbook coming from Lenovo, pictures have now been posted of the Lenovo Yoga on their website.  In what looks to be a very VERY cool little device you can see that there is also some type of touchscreen.  The Yoga looks very professional […]

A Little Rice With That iPhone?


I wish I would have known this trick a while back when I went through two phones in the matter of just as many months   Ben over on UMPC Portal decided it might be a good time to try and give his iPhone a bath.  Not really, but the results were amazing.  Throw the […]

TabletKiosk Introduces the MediSlate™ MCA i1040XT


TabletKiosk has entered into the mobile clinical assistant market with the introduction of the MediaSlate i1040XT.  Featuring a resistive touch screen and an Intel Core 2 Solo processor, the innards of this unit appear to be able to handle anything thrown at it — plus provide decent battery life and a rugged design! Check out […]

Microsoft and Lenovo Team Up for College Students

This is a cool promotion that Lenovo and Microsoft are doing for College students — Reduced pricing on some of the higher end ThinkPad computers.  Of special note, they have included the ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC into the mix.  They don’t call out any pricing in the announcement other than ‘Starting at $999.00′, so figuring […]

The 2008 Engadget Awards are Live


It’s that time — well, it’s kind of late actually.. for the 2008 Engadget Awards!  If you have voted in the past, you know that they have a Tablet PC of the year award to give away.  Who better than the readers of to cast a knowledgeable vote?  There are plenty of other categories […]

Digitizing Google Earth with a Tablet PC


Meg over at GIS @ Vassar put up a post that kind of hits both my interests — GIS and Tablet PC’s.  The new historic aerial photos feature in Google Earth 5.0 brings out a new level of use for a Tablet PC.  Head over and check out how some change detection is accomplished right […]

Try to Carry This Tablet PC Around!

Check out this video of what I guess you could call a ‘Tablet PC’.  I don’t think anyone out there would call this very mobile that’s for sure!  It’s called the Sutherland Sketchpad and it was developed by M.I.T Lincoln Laboratory.  Maybe we take for granted what we carry around in our arms today? :)

Acer Aspire D150 Netbook Coming Soon?


Looks like the next Acer Netbook might be just around the corner.  Ubergizmo noticed that the new D150 has been approved by the FCC.  This usually means that a release is soon to follow!  Will it be as popular as the Aspire One?  Only time will tell as there are SOO many choices now!

Dell Mini 9 for $179.00!


Wow — check this out!  Thanks to Crunchgear posting this up.  Dell has some Dell Mini 9 Netbooks in the refurbished computer store, and with a coupon you can cut the cost from $209.00 down to $179.00.  It is the lowest end model with Ubuntu and only a 4G solid state drive, but if you […]

PenOffice 3.1 Offers OpenOffice Inking Support


Phatware has released version 3.1 of their PenOffice software.  If you are an users with a Tablet PC, then you need to check out this update.  The new version of PenOffice now includes support for 3.0 or later documents.  That means that programs like Writer, Calc and Draw documents can now have handwritten […]