iPad: Should Microsoft + Partners Worry?

*+-Just finished taking in the iPad press event. The question I’m asking myself: Should Microsoft + partners worry? Not yet, but they need to respond quickly and present a better solution. That better solution is a Courier + Zune integrated experience that completely hides Windows 7 from the user. With Windows 7 multi-tasking, handwriting support for […]

Kindle for PC: Microsoft Should be Embarrassed


*+-The following is a guest editorial by Rob Bushway, the founder and former owner of GottaBeMobile.com. I twittered the following tonight, and as a result, raised a few eyebrows: The fact that Kindle for PC doesn’t support the pen should be an utter embarrassment to Microsoft Before I share my reasons for that statement, let […]

Update On Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC

*+-Over the past week, I’ve been working behind the scenes with various representatives from Dell regarding the well-publicized issues of the Latitude XT. I just finished a conference call with them with regards to where things stand, and they wanted to communicate the following to everyone: Dell is aware of the complaints concerning the Latitude […]

Dell: Windows 7 Latitude XT Drivers Being Posted Today

*+-I just received word from @LionelatDell and @BillatDell that Windows 7 drivers for the Latitude XT are being posted today, this includes functional N-Trig digitizer drivers. Direct link to Windows 7 N-trig drivers: 32 bit: http://bit.ly/5uRRce, 64 bit: http://bit.ly/4SNW46 As of this writing, they are not there yet. I understand they are working on adding […]

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC: It’s Recall Time

2-14-2010 12-57-34 AM

*+-The following is a guest editorial by Rob Bushway, the founder and former owner of GottaBeMobile.com. Like many men, I take my role as a father very seriously.  It is not only my job to teach my children principles in how we live and treat each other, but also to try and model those same […]

2010: The Year Microsoft Lost Tablet?

*+-The following is a guest editorial by Rob Bushway, the founder and former owner of GottaBeMobile.com. For the past six months I’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching Tablet dominate the news cycle. From the Crunchpad to the JooJoo, from the Courier to the iSlate, from the Android Tablet to Windows 7 Starter Edition Tablets […]

Toeman: All Tablets Suck

*+-Jeremy Toeman has quite the fascinating read regarding all the tablets that folks seem to be talking about these days, plus the tablets we’ve all been using since 2002. His take: In practical reality tablets generally suck.   They are both a worse laptop than a laptop, and a worse touch-input device than a piece […]

Taking the Next Step…


*+-When I made the decision in February to sell GottaBeMobile to Notebooks.com and Xavier Lanier, my primary motivation was due to the time and energies caring for my daughter was requiring. Selling GottaBeMobile to Xavier was an answered prayer for me and my family, and I am very thankful for his loyal shepherding over the […]

Livescribe and Vision Objects Partner Up to Bring Handwriting Reco to the Mac

*+-Are you a Mac user who has been longing to use a Pulse Smartpen to take handwritten notes and then have them transcribed? Today, Livescribe and Vision Objects announced MyScript for Livescribe. MySript for Livscribe is available as a 30 day trial and can be purchased for $29.95. More details here. Livescribe Inc. (www.livescribe.com) and […]

GBM Shortcut: Testing the Webcam in the Samsung N310

*+-In this GBM Shortcut, I have some fun with testing out the quality of the webcam in Samsung’s N310 Netbook. I used a built-in application called Cyberlink YouCam. It does a pretty darn good if I say so myself.  I never knew I looked so good wrapped in roses. I tested it earlier in different […]

Hands On With Samsung N310 Netbook, Pictures

*+-My customers love me. Prior to making a decision on what Tablet PC or netbook to purchase, my clients normally have hands-on access to just about anything they want to trial. If I don’t have it on hand, then I’ve likely had it before and shown it to them, or can usually get something within […]

Matt Dillon Says “See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya” To Netbooks

*+-In what is part MacBook review / part Farewell to netbooks, GBM’s Matt Dillon lays out why he’s kissed netbooks goodbye. It is a great read, well written, and has some very good arguments on why a person should think twice before purchasing that next netbook. Check it out. Comparing a netbook to a notebook […]

Scoble Digs In To MindManager

*+-Robert Scoble spent some time this past week with MindJet’s Michael Deutch, exploring the concept of mind mapping and why a tool like MindManager enhances the process of brainstorming, mapping,  interactive presentations, notetaking, and more. In the video, Deutch mentions that some touch features will be coming to a future version of MindManager that will […]

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Issues Apology

*+-Amazon’s Jeff Bezos issued the following apology for the 1984 / Kindle wipeout act that was all the talk this past weekend. The apologies certainly don’t get any more honest and humble than this one. Somehow, I don’t think Amazon will be making that mistake again: This is an apology for the way we previously […]

Become a Facebook Fan of GottaBeMobile.com and MIDStories.com

midstories facebook fan page

*+-Do you hang out in Facebook land much? If so, then head over and become a Facebook fan of GottaBeMobile.com and MIDStories.com. You’ll be able to monitor all of GBM news articles from Facebook, as well as comment and post your own Fan links, videos, photos, etc. You’ll also be able to keep up with […]

Doster Construction Chooses Motion Computing F5 Tablet PC


*+-A construction site would normally be the last place a one would expect to see a Tablet PC. With the number of rugged tablet models being made available today, though, more and more companies are beginning to see the value of a full Windows operating environment paired up with a rugged inking system. Doster Construction […]

How Would You Improve MindManager?


*+-We have a lot of readers that rely on Mindjet’s MindManager to take notes, brainstorm projects, manage to-do lists and much more. MindManager is one of the most flexible applications I’ve ever used, with countless ways to apply it to a particular need or workstyle. I use their tablet pc features to ink a lot […]

Surprise! Adobe Folks Do Love Tablet PCs!


*+-Rick Borstein, the Director of Legal and Life Science Markets at Adobe, got a hold of a demo tablet pc and recorded this screencast of an ink plug-in for Adobe Acrobat called AutoInk from EverMap.com. According to James Province, of TabletLawyer.com, Borstein loves the tablet pc and wouldn’t be surprised to see him purchase one […]