13 Best 9.7-inch iPad Pro Cases

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is a device that you have more reason to carry and use while mobile than the larger iPad Pro. With that in mind, we want to share the best 9.7-inch iPad Pro cases.

From slim and minimal 9.7-inch iPad Pro cases that offer just enough protection to keep your iPad from scratching to more durable options that can handle a trip outdoors, we have you covered.

We also include three keyboard options that can keep your new smaller iPad Pro protected and will allow you to get more work done while you are mobile.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on the best 9.7-inch iPad Pro cases, with options under $15. If you plan to buy the Apple Pencil to take notes on your 9.7-inch iPad Pro you can even store it in some of the small iPad Pro cases we include in this roundup.

Here are the best 9.7-inch iPad Pro cases you can buy.

  1. Stylefolio Pencil 9.7-inch iPad Pro Case
  2. Zagg Slim Book Pro – 9.7″ iPad Pro Keyboard Case
  3. Apple 9.7-inch iPad Pro Case
  4. 9.7-inch iPad Pro Smart Cover
  5. Pad & Quill Contega Thin Case for iPad Pro 9.7
  6. Incipio Rugged 9.7-inch iPad Pro Case
  7. Apple Smart Keyboard
  8. Speck Smartshell Plus
  9. Incipio Octane Pure 9.7-inch iPad Pro Case
  10. Best Affordable 9.7-inch iPad Pro Case
  11. ZAGG SlimBook iPad Pro 9.7-inch Keyboard
  12. Griffin Survivor Rugged 9.7-inch iPad Pro Case
  13. MoKo Ultra Slim iPad Pro 9.7-inch Folio

We’ll update this list as we test and identify other great cases for the iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch display.

These are the best small iPad Pro cases you will find anywhere online or in store.

Stylefolio Pencil 9.7-inch iPad Pro Case

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Stylefolio Pencil 9.7-inch iPad Pro Case

The official 9.7-inch iPad Pro cases don't include any way to carry the Apple Pencil and the smaller iPad Pro together without worrying about losing the pencil.

There is a small carrying area to store the pencil while you go somewhere with the iPad Pro, and there is also an inkwell spot to place the Apple pencil while you are switching between using it and using a keyboard.

In addition to carrying the Apple Pencil, this case protects the front and back of the iPad Pro while allowing you to use the iPad in a variety of positions. The pencil holder makes this slightly wider than other cases.

$59.95 at Speck

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