Clash of Clans 2016 Update: 7 Things We Want Next

Multiple large Clash of Clans updates have arrived lately that changed how one of the most popular mobile games on the planet is played. Increasing options for high level players, balancing gameplay and changing how we train armies. Supercell then got rid of cheating, lowered brew times to make troops or spells, and is preparing a winter theme. Here’s what we want to see next.

The developers at Supercell have been listening to feedback, and made countless changes to improve the overall balance. And while many players aren’t excited about the secret nerf to the Miners, or the new training system, the game is much improved.

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Another new addition is the Bomb Tower, a brand new defensive building. Not to mention new special offers aimed at making players spend real money. Now that things are more balanced than ever before, what’s next? We’re not sure, but here are a few changes that would be welcomed additions.


Town Hall 11 has been available for nearly a year, and is getting stronger than ever. Considering they’ve added a third hero, a Bomb Tower, EAGLE and more, we also received 25 more walls in October of 2016.

Things are slowly getting better, but we’re still waiting for even more changes, more troops, and better Clan Wars. In April Supercell pushed out a huge initiative to find cheaters, ban them, and offer fairplay to Clash of Clans. On April 20th a Clash of Clans update rolled out with server side changes to identify cheaters. Most of those were temporary, but the October 2016 update resulted in permanent bans. Many players excited about the update weren’t able to log in. This was a very important move, even if some aren’t happy about it or didn’t consider their extra apps as “cheating”. It’s against the rules, and now they’re banned for it.

July 20th update added higher Giants & Archer Towers for TH11

July 20th update added higher Giants & Archer Towers for TH11

That all said, things are much different these days. Clan Wars are strong, friendly and arranged wars are a thing, but War matchups are still pretty bad at times. When a game continues for this long things eventually start to change, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing. It’s still hugely popular, but we’re not sure what can come next aside from new troops and further adjustments.

Below is a collection of images for new features or possible changes based on what the community wants, what I want as a Town Hall 11, and just in general. Most of these will likely never see the light of day, while some may arrive in a different fashion. Here’s a few features we want to see in the next Clash of Clans update.

Gem Mine

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Gem Mine

Every single time Clash of Clans posts to Twitter or Facebook, somewhere in the comments someone asks for this. It's what makes the developers money, so we're pretty sure it will never, ever happen, but it's possible.

Just like we mine gold, elixir, and dark elixir, we want a Gem Mine to be added as an option to buy. This could only give users one Gem a day, which is the most valuable in-game currency. Rather than thousands per day, just one, or two. This wouldn't be enough to drastically dig into the pockets of the developers, but would give gamers something to collect, save up, and use in the future.

Those who are willing to slowly save up gems over the long haul could use this to their advantage. As long as we don't get too many, this shouldn't be too much of an issue, and be worthwhile for Supercell to add to Clash of Clans. Add in the fact that there is a gem storage, they can be stolen during attacks, just like regular loot. Making the game even more interesting, and giving users more of an incentive to not only use them, but attack when someone is sitting on a pile of gems.

I don't see it ever happening, but it's one of many things everyone wants in the next (and all) Clash of Clans update.

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