Are Clash Royale Special Offers Worth Buying?

The latest Clash Royale update added tons of new content for players. From new cards, game improvements, new challenges to even special offers. Now that they’ve been appearing in the shop we’re getting a lot of questions regarding whether special offers are worth buying. Below is everything you need to know, when they appear, how they work and more.

The special offers come in the form of “Arena Packs” that offer new cards or troops, gold and gems for players to advance in the game. As we all know, Clash Royale relies heavily on in-app purchases, and some would even consider it a pay to win game. That all aside, these new Clash Royale special offers are a good deal, and absolutely worth buying.

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In September Supercell released a huge update for Clash Royale. The company fixed tournaments and made important changes to balance the game. It’s one of the best updates we’ve seen in a while, and more is surely coming soon. Here’s everything you need to know about the special offers.


Since being released we’ve seen a lot of questions and complaints about the Arena Packs or Special Offers. Mainly because they don’t show up in order or the right arena. Someone in Arena 7 may not have an Arena 7 pack to purchase, which is confusing. There’s a simple explanation for this, and a good one.

How Special Offers Work

A notification will appear in the game that players have a new special offer. These are Arena Packs or even “Epic Packs” to help us advance in the game. Get new cards, upgrade troops, or earn gems and gold for upgrades or Tournaments.

According to Supercell, these arrive once a week. When you unlock or reach a new Arena the Arena Pack Special Offer will appear within 1-2 days. It is a $9.99 purchase and only available for a limited time. If you aren’t seeing the pack for the Arena you are currently in, that’s because eventually players will get a pack for every Arena they’ve reached. Those in Arena 9 will eventually see a Legendary Arena Pack with a free Legendary card. If you don’t buy it within the time limit, don’t worry. It will be offered again, eventually. Probably after a few weeks of rotating through all of your achieved arenas.


Keep in mind that Special Offers are a one-time purchase. By that we mean you can only buy any specific Arena Pack once, and once only. If you purchase the Arena 9 special offer, you won’t be able to buy it again. I passed on mine, and will wait for it to roll around again in the hopes I get the new Inferno Dragon Legendary card when I do purchase the pack.

Again, a new Arena Pack Special Offer will appear once a week. Don’t worry about missing out if you can’t or don’t buy it. It will be offered again in the future or until it’s purchased.

Are Special Offers Worth Buying?

Upgrades and new troops in Clash Royale are extremely expensive. One of the most expensive out of any mobile game on the market. I’ve seen YouTubers spend $5,000 in one sitting, and they still haven’t maxed out all troops in the game for battles. People can spend thousands and thousands of dollars. On the flipside, the game is just as enjoyable without spending a cent. You’ll just progress at a much slower pace.

With that said, are the Special Offers for each Arena worth buying? Absolutely. Doing the math here, and shown in the corner, users are getting 5-times the value. It’s a $9.99 purchase, and that $10 gets players $50+ worth of content. Not to mention tons of gold to use on upgrades.


Shown above is my latest Arena 9 Special Offer. For $9.99 I will get one Legendary Card, 1200 gems and 100,000 Gold. Lets do the math.

Value & Savings

One Legendary card usually costs 40,000 gold, which is almost $20 in gems. We also receive 1200 gems which itself usually costs $9.99. Then as a kicker buyers will get 100,000 gold which costs nearly $40 or 4500 gems. That’s essentially $70 worth of goods for only $9.99.

Or another way to look at it buyers get 100,000 gold and a Legendary card absolutely free. If it isn’t an Arena 9 pack it could have a Super Magical Chest, Giant Chest or other chests which are typically expensive as well. So a bunch of cards for upgrades absolutely free.

All said and done, yes. Clash Royale special offers are extremely worth it and a great investment for players, as long as you can afford it.

The next time a special offer is available spare $10 and enjoy all the gold, which will help with upgrades. Good luck, Clash on, and check out our 10 tips for beginners if you’re new to the game.