New Black Ops 3 Update: 9 Important Weapon Changes

A new Black Ops 3 update is here, offering 9 weapons changes, two specialist changes with overall gameplay tuning to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The Black Ops 3 hotfix is now live on PS4, Xbox One and PC and a look at what’s new in this patch.

This is the last Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 hotfix of the year, and it builds on the December Black Ops 3 update that delivered 19 weapon changes to the game.

There are seven specific weapon tweaks and a complete change to SMGs and a complete change to all LMGs. These could potentially change how you use your classes and how well you play in Black Ops 3.

Treyarch also delivered two changes to Specialists, which will allow you to use one better and slows down how fast you re-earn the power for another.

The new Black Ops 3 weapons changes in the final December Black Ops 3 hotfix.

The new Black Ops 3 weapons changes in the final December Black Ops 3 hotfix.

Here is what’s new and how it could change the way you play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 at Christmas and through the rest of the year.

Buffed Black Ops 3 Weapons

This is a big buff for a variety of weapons offering better control of recoil, better Aim Down Sight (ADS) stability and increased damage range. This quite literally will impact how you play Black Ops 3 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC from today forward.

Even if your favorite weapon isn’t listed on the Black Ops 3 weapons change log below, other players may now have an edge that you need to account for.

  • XR-2 – Increased ADS aim stability & Increased recoil control
  • ICR – Increased ADS aim stability
  • Sheiva – Increased ADS aim stability
  • Locus – Increased ADS aim stability
  • KRM-262 – Increased lethal damage range
  • Argus – Increased lethal damage range
  • All LMGs – Increased ADS aim stability
All LMGs get a buff in the latest update.

All LMGs get a buff in the latest update.

Each of the weapons above are tweaked with more power in at least one area. In addition to the weapon specific changes, there is a change to all Light Machine Guns, which now have increased ADS aim stability.

Nerfed Black Ops 3 Weapons

It looks like Treyarch reduced the power of all sub machine guns with this last December Black Ops 3 update. In the patch notes Vonderhaar shares the following changes to All SMGs.

  • All SMGs – Reduced sprint out speed
A change comes to all SMGs in Black Ops 3.

A change comes to all SMGs in Black Ops 3.

The wording on this one is up for debate, but it seems like this means it will now take longer to ADS after sprinting with SMGs. The Black Ops 3 SMGs are already powerful, so it seems odd to speed this up. If you rely on one of these weapons you may need to adjust your play style or work on leveling the weapon up so that you can hip fire better with the laser.

Black Ops 3 Specialist Changes

This final December Black Ops 3 update or hotfix includes two specialist ability changes or weapons changes.

  • Rejack – Increased rejack stand up speed
  • Ripper – Reduced leftover Sspecialist power when dying while active

Gamers will need to adjust strategies based on these changes.

Final December Black Ops 3 Update Changes

On top of these weapon changes and specialist changes the update also includes bug fixes, GI Unit patching, collision issue fixes and fixes for the Flak jacket not working if unlocked.

On Reddit David Vonderhaar, Studio Design Director at Treyarch explains the many changes to gameplay tuning, with weapons changes and specialist changes.

“We (generally) define under or over-powered based on an average for that class or category of item. In all cases, we have a “design target” and “design goals” for where something should be performing, and we manage into that. We are constantly trying totrack in the Weapons, Attachments, Specialist Weapons & Abilities, Perks, Scorestreaks and anything else from those gameplay systems into those design targets, and do so using the unique properties and personality of that weapon/character/ability/feature.”

Vonderhaar makes it clear that changes are not made based on tweets trending or YouTube power users asking for changes. Referencing these requests Vonderhaar writes, “We use this kind of stuff as an opportunity to investigate and evaluate and be sure we didn’t miss something. However, it’s not, and will never be, the decision maker.”

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Skipping Christmas, But Hoping for Black Ops 3 Double XP New Year Treat

There is no Christmas Black Ops 3 Double XP weekend, to help you level up faster. Although there is always hope for a New Years Eve Double XP event to roudn out the time off of work and school, nothing is confirmed yet. 

Treyarch offered Double XP on Thanksgiving weekend, but so far there is no mention of Call of Duty Double XP weekend around Christmas that would allow new players to level up faster. With Double XP, you can unlock new weapons, Scorestreaks, specialists and tactical items faster.

Even without a Double Xp weekend, there will be a lot of new players, so you may be able to level up faster simply by taking out other new or inexperienced players. Don't forget to use our Black Ops 3 Guide to learn about wallrunning and other tips.


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