Galaxy Note Edge Release Date: 7 Things to Expect Now

With another Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date in the books and several more planned before the year is over, we want to take another detailed look at what we expect from the remaining Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release dates including the highly anticipated U.S. Galaxy Note Edge release date on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

In early September, Samsung announced a slew of new products including the curved Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. At the time, the company revealed the Galaxy Note Edge specs and confirmed a release for later this year though it did not offer any specifics regarding the exact Galaxy Note Edge release date or the Galaxy Note Edge price.

Slowly but surely, we’ve started to see Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date and Galaxy Note Edge price information emerge for select markets around the world. Earlier this month, Japan became the first country to release the Galaxy Note Edge and earlier this week, Korea became the second country to release the Galaxy Note Edge to the public at large. It still has a long way to go though.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos 4

Consumers all over the globe are very interested in the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, especially now that it’s garnered solid reviews. It appears to be more than just a gimmick. Consumers from all over continue to ask us questions about the remaining Galaxy Note Edge release dates, the Galaxy Note Edge price, and some of the smaller details that Samsung and its carrier partners have yet to discuss.

With a number of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release details still missing, we want to help set expectations for consumers in the United States ahead of its arrival. Here, we take a look at what we expect from the remaining Galaxy Note Edge release details including information about its price, colors, storage capacity, and more.

Galaxy Note Edge Release Date Announcement Soon

It’s been nearly two months since Samsung announced the Galaxy Note Edge on stage in Berlin, Germany and nearly two months since U.S. carriers confirmed it for arrival. And while neither Samsung nor its carrier partners have confirmed an official announcement date, all signs point to some kind of confirmation in the near future.

For one, we’ve seen the AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile Galaxy Note Edge models pass through the FCC. The only hang up is the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge. Once it passes through, and it should in the near future, an announcement should be close. That’s not the only evidence though. Samsung’s website started listing the Galaxy Note Edge last week. This is a baby step towards release but it’s a step nonetheless.

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Samsung is setting the table and the feast should be served very, very soon. We can’t help but think that the announcement will come once the last Galaxy Note 4 hits shelves. The white Verizon Galaxy Note 4 lands on October 31st, two weeks after its rivals.

Galaxy Note Edge Release Date in November

With one FCC filing to go, the Galaxy Note Edge now on Samsung USA’s website, the Galaxy Note 4 release coming to an end, Black Friday coming up, and the holidays getting closer, we can’t help but think that the Galaxy Note Edge release date is just a few short weeks away. Several weeks ago, we heard that China, Japan, Korea, and the U.S. would be the initial release regions. And with two of the four now down, and all signs pointing to an imminent announcement, we think that we’re pretty darn close to a release.

Predicting a specific release date for the Galaxy Note Edge is close to impossible, Samsung doesn’t follow the same patterns that Apple does, but we imagine that it will arrive during the working week (Monday-Friday) without much fanfare. That’s to say that we do not expect stores to open early or midnight pre-orders across U.S. carriers.

Galaxy Note Edge Pre-Orders

We fully expect there to be Samsung Galaxy Note Edge pre-orders. In fact, for those willing to pay top dollar, Galaxy Note Edge “pre-orders” are available right now.

Samsung and its U.S. carrier partners haven’t confirmed any Galaxy Note Edge pre-order plans though we’d be shocked if they didn’t take orders a week or two ahead of the release. Android smartphones almost always get some type of pre-order process and we sincerely doubt that we’ll see the Galaxy Note Edge release announced without some way to order early.

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Even if official Galaxy Note Edge pre-orders don’t arrive, there will be a way to pre-order. Galaxy Note Edge “pre-orders” have appeared on eBay for the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge. We recommend avoiding them at all costs, eBay is reliable but expensive, and simply wait for official pre-orders or official orders to arrive later this year.

Limited Galaxy Note Edge Stock

We’ve seen Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stock issues in the United States. We’ve also see Galaxy Note Edge stock issues impact the white variant in Japan. Given the Galaxy Note Edge issues and given the fact that the Galaxy Note 4 is mass produced, we would not be surprised if carriers and retailers experienced stock shortages in the days and perhaps weeks after the Galaxy Note Edge release.

Specifically, we would not be shocked if the white Galaxy Note Edge ran into some early stock issues. Samsung’s had problems with both the white Galaxy Note Edge and white Galaxy Note 4. White is clearing giving Samsung fits behind the scenes and with several Galaxy Note Edge release dates set for 2014, we doubt the U.S. escapes unscathed.

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Those of you who want the Galaxy Note Edge as soon as humanly possible are going to want to order early if a pre-order does become available ahead of the U.S. Galaxy Note Edge release date.

Galaxy Note Edge Deals

We expect Samsung Galaxy Note Edge deals to be extremely limited. We simply haven’t seen carriers and retailers offer the same types of discounts on the Galaxy Note 4 and with the Galaxy Note Edge poised to be the higher-end model, there’s a good chance that retailers and carriers will refrain from offering discounts on the concept phone.

We should see some places off trade-ins so that buyers can trade in their current smartphone to knock down the price of the Galaxy Note Edge but we would not expect to see many instant discounts emerge in the days and weeks after the Galaxy Note Edge’s arrival. This is a price that should stay pretty consistent as we head into the holidays.

And yes, we expect still expect the Galaxy Note Edge price to be expensive. Korea is selling it for over $1000 and the Russian Galaxy Note Edge price is also expected to be well over $1000 U.S. Japan’s model is a little cheaper but it’s still over $800.

32GB Storage & Two Color Options

Do not expect anything other than the two color options, black and white, and 32GB of storage space. Samsung’s website has seemingly confirmed both details and there’s no reason to believe that U.S. carriers will deviate from the plan.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 2

We could see other colors emerge down the road but given that this is a concept phone, we aren’t holding our breath. Especially given the fact that the gold and pink Galaxy Note 4 models, models that were promised on stage during the Galaxy Note launch event, haven’t been announced for any U.S. carriers.

Galaxy Note Edge Accessories

We’ve seen some Galaxy Note Edge accessories appear on Amazon. We’ve also seen accessories emerge on Samsung’s website. So, while we may not see a ton of Galaxy Note Edge accessories emerge for the release date, buyers should have at least some at their disposal on day one. Expect stock, and selection, to be extremely limited in the first couple of weeks as accessory makers work to provide solid gear for an oddly shaped phone.