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10 Cool Things the Pixel 3 Can Do



AR Playground

AR Playground

Similar to Snapchat overlay filters or Apple's animoji, last year Google released AR Stickers for the Pixel. Letting owners put characters from Netflix Stranger Things and other odd stickers or characters in their living room. 

This year, Google replaced AR stickers with 'Playground' and it's a super powerful new AR mode that brings characters and things around you to life. Take a selfie with Iron-Man or Thor, make it look like the Hulk is about to crush you, or dance through the street with Childish Gambino. Yes, that's all possible in fun and realistic (and lifelike ways) using Google's AR Playground mode. 

As Google continues to improve the AR playground expect different packs for weather, sports, more pets, signs, and much more. 

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