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10 Cool Things the Pixel 3 Can Do



Top Shot & Night Sight Photography

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL only have a single camera on the back, when everyone else is releasing phones with 2, 3 or even 4 cameras. If you think this puts the Pixel at a disadvantage, you're very, very wrong. 

Google's AI and machine learning makes taking photos a breeze. Plus, they added two extremely powerful new features known as 'Top Shot' and 'Night Sight' to the camera, not to mention a few others. 

Top Shot is what everyone will absolutely love. It's like Motion Photos or Apple’s Live Photo, but more useful. It’ll take tons of photos in rapid succession, then detect the best photo automatically. Just watch the video we added and you'll understand how epic this feature is. Google’s camera uses AI and machine learning to screen out any photos where a subject might have their eyes closed or be making a weird face unintentionally, choosing “smiles instead of sneezes” and offers you the best photo automatically.

Then, Night Sight is basically "Night Mode" like we've seen on other phones, only it does some truly amazing things to deliver stunning night photos. Google promises it'll be better than any other system. 

And guess what, almost all of these camera features are available on the Pixel and Pixel 2

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