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10 Exciting Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Details



Samsung Galaxy Note 5 details have been surfacing at a breakneck pace for a number of weeks now and they’ve managed to outline most of Samsung’s rumored flagship ahead of its launch. Well, we’ve dug into these details and today we want to outline 10 of the most exciting Galaxy Note 5 details we think buyers need to know about ahead of launch.

The Galaxy Note 5 isn’t confirmed but it may as well be. In July, Galaxy Note 5 rumors started getting extremely specific outlining key features like the device’s display size, processor type, design details, release date, and launch date.

Samsung’s done nothing to cool down those rumors. In fact, it’s thrown fuel onto the inferno as we’ve made our way into August and it’s clear that the company is cooking up a successor to the Galaxy Note 4.


We still don’t have a full list of specifications but we’re pretty close and Samsung’s announcement should serve as a way for the company to confirm many of the Galaxy Note 5 rumors that have been flying around in the past few weeks.

Late July and August have been extremely busy as we’ve seen Galaxy Note 5 rumors emerge on a daily basis. Its bene a lot to digest, even for us. And that’s why we want to outline the most important and exciting Galaxy Note 5 details today.

To us, these are the features and details that should get your mind thinking about the Galaxy Note 5 and, perhaps, some of the other devices Samsung has out on shelves. With all that said, here are the 10 Galaxy Note 5 details that have us the most excited about the company’s brand new flagship.

Galaxy Note 5 Launch Date & Live Stream

Galaxy Note 5 Launch Date & Live Stream

First we, and many others, are extremely excited about the fact that the Galaxy Note 5 launch date is expected to take place next week. This is much earlier than usual. 

Samsung hasn't called out the device by name just yet but thanks to numerous teasers, including this one from Samsung Philippines, we know that the Galaxy Note 5 is on tap for Samsung's Unpacked launch event on August 13th in New York City. 

Even better, Samsung is going to be hosting a live stream of the event which means that you'll be able to follow all of the announcements even if you aren't able to make it out to New York to catch the company's huge announcements. 

If you're looking for a new phone, be it the Galaxy Note 5 or something else, this is a date that you should be excited about. This will likely be Samsung's last big event of the year and it should play host to at least three new devices, maybe more.



  1. NLS

    08/07/2015 at 2:19 am

    (my comment about upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5, translated for my non-Greek friends – and to copy paste in relevant articles wink emoticon )…
    I waited for Note 5 more than you know. It’s been a long time since I got a new smartphone, although a man of Technology, a geek (before geeks were cool). So long, that my old (also Samsung) smartphone, with custom ROMs and THIRD replaced battery (the two first, original), crawls painfully (with just like 15 vital 3rd party apps, as I use my tablet for most software).
    I waited for Note 5 as my first “64bit geek/pro phone”, since S6 disappointed me (which I expected), since it went premium and they forgot… features. But S series has the excuse of being “high-end fashion” series (so it plays with iPhone).
    I liked Note 4 and also take it as premium, since with it there is a metal frame, premium glass in front and plastic just in the back cover, for which there are 3rd party replacements and of course cases. If Note 4 had a 64bit CPU (waiting for Lollipop back then) I would have bought it. So I waited for Note 5.
    BUT NOTE 5 IN THE FORM THEY PLAN TO RELEASE, thank you very much but no! I posted this comment first in an article about the expected very high antutu scores, since antutu scores say nothing to me, ESPECIALLY for Samsung (with all the crap in their firmware – which at least they limited the last year).
    Let see what we waited for (or hoped for) and they cut (I start from the less important to me)…
    – FM radio. Well I didn’t wait for that, it was cut already, since their chipsets don’t support it. Personally I don’t miss it. I was happy to have it, but in practice the last 5 years I may have used it 3-4 times. Thousands more I use FM radio of my bluetooth (and the same suggest for you), since it is way more convenient and doesn’t drain phone battery. I have FM on my “normal” bluetooth (fantastic Sony SBH52 with its own display and open speaker – you don’t need to take out your phone at all) and my helmet bluetooth (also fantastic Sena 20S which is the ultimate for this job at this time).
    – IR blaster (or IRDA as we used to say) or simply “infrared” that can play the role of programmable controller for consumer electronics. With this little thing I had plenty of fun and have given solution to problems (like public TV in a transport ship). Some years ago they cut this feature (because they said “hey you don’t need that”), then 2-3 years ago they remembered it and now again they cut it. Why guys?
    – CPU. Good choice to put in their own CPU, not a Snapdragon and risking with an 810. I know they weighted 808 as a choice (see LG) but thankfully, they left this option behind. BUT the rumors where for 7422. A CPU that beneath the 0002 difference to 7420 of S6, it does have major design differences. But, they stopped short again, so for Note 5 again 7420, just in a bit more GHz. Pity.
    – Waterproofing. I loved this feature. HUGE feature that most people didn’t realize how fantastic it is. NO it is not (only) for diving and taking photos under water. But in the next major rainfall you need to use your phone or next time a glass of water drops on the coffee table, you’ll remember me. Major. It was introduced “properly” (not used in an “tough action” model) to us by Sony which went fine with sales, so 1-2 others followed. Including Samsung (with S5). But then Sony stopped being a major player (stupid Sony, you really could be), defiantly REMOVED this feature!
    – Removable battery. There is a painful story here. I said what happened with my Note. THREE batteries. Not that they couldn’t perform well (which indeed they couldn’t – a battery takes me to early noon), but also they were crap batteries that SWELLED! Tell me now, if they were NOT removable, what would happen? They would ruin the back of the phone, I would need to take it to service to replace and two or three times the money to fix. TWO times. HA! Sony also doesn’t have removable batteries, but they know how to make them (since the time of Infolithium etc.). But Samsung you don’t convince me. Then you say. OK, maybe since back then, they have improved, at least they plan to put one that has a huge capacity (they said 4000mAh or more!)… HA! You lose. Now they say 3000mAh (mostly because of the choice of 7420 instead of 7422 that would leave more space in the board), So you are just looking for victims.
    – MicroSD. Once we had major battles over which removable storage will reign. Sony was funny (like many times in their history – remember minidisk or even betamax) insisting to use their own expensive (sometimes mediocre) formats. But even they accepted that SD was to rule. Now this guys try to cut this. MOSTLY BECAUSE Apple doesn’t have it and instead they sell ultra expensive non-removable storage. This is what Samsung wants now. You want space? Pay for it. Either using expensive internal storage, or cloud (over some expensive data plan). I’ll tell you where you can shove your 64GB microSD. Once excuse was the non removable back. Really? So those that put the microSD under a cover on the side are what, stupid? Or another excuse is the new ultra fast storage subsystem, that couldn’t fit along microSD. As a professional in technology I tell you this is crap. They could use USB bus or other means. In the end, they should include the feature and whoever wants to use it (and suffer the slowness) so be it. I wanted to have it. I want my files there, I want some huge apps there (since Lollipop re-allowed move to SD), I want my backup there (they LIVES even if the device dies) etc. But NO. Apple doesn’t have it, so let’s cut it too. So cut it.
    – …even type C USB connector they didn’t manage to include (the new connector that fits both ways)… So what DID they manage to include?
    For S6+ I won’t talk at all. What is to say. Let some LA celebrity get it.
    Seeing that Samsung cuts vital features even from mid-range models (like auto brightness and proximity sensor!), I think they are losing the game. Which is bad mostly because I don’t see anybody else making a splash.
    LG is doing ok but makes some rather shy steps (I mean come on 808 in G4? Are you serious?). I still have hope in them.
    HTC is in some limbo. After the burst bubble of “Ultrapixels”, they are back to nice robust devices. But nothing really special. Where is the splash HTC?
    Sony (officially) said they are more or less dumping the smartphone war. Stupidly enough, since they were REALLY STRONG competitors. Especially after generalizing waterproofing in their premium models. It was also a surprise by Sony (we were not used to that by them) when they supported models more than 2 years old with the Lollipop update (yes just Z line, but makes sense). Let’s not forget that Google suggests “support your models for 18 months”. But Sony didn’t make the sales they expected in the market, so they put it on the autopilot behind their strong player, the Playstation industry (like Apple has desktops far behind IOS devices, but don’t say it to Apple fans they will kill you for saying the truth). But in any case we hear about a Z5 etc. So let’s wait and see.
    Motorola is… traditionally “off the radar”.
    OnePlus Two, is nowhere near high-end killer they promised to be.
    In the market two far east giants move in. The giant Huawai (which if consumers realized what else they build their jaws would drop) and Xiaomi. But even by them we still have to see the splash. Mostly they are in “above average with good price” territory.
    But for Note 5, as things seem to be (except if Samsung really has something in store for us), sorry, no.
    So there goes the famous geek/pro Note series. The series that STARTED the phablet market, so that now if you see an original Note (N7000) it is actually “small”. I still remember the comments “where are you going with this racket?”… Well now it seems that even Apple makes such rackets.
    So now Samsung wants to play in the market of the fashionable bearded guys with cool haircuts, shaved bodies and tattoos. The market of the duckface silicon built photocopied (and live photoshop) “babes”. Let them do it. That most of those people don’t know that the phone does, beside instagram, facebook and the latest cool game, is ok. It is actually good, since for S7 and Note 6 they can cut more things and those people won’t notice. As long as they put in a good selfie cam.

    • Vikram Wakhlu

      08/07/2015 at 1:59 pm

      Your rant, Sir is way better and infinitely more useful than the primary article. You’ve would have successfully scared me off buying another smartphone ever, but unfortunately my Note II is begging to be allowed to retire with dignity (while it can still boot up) after two and a half years of brutal use. I’m a kind person.

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