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20 Exciting Things You Can Do With the Xbox One



Quickly Find People to Play With

Quickly Find People to Play With

Looking for Group is perfect for Achievement hunters and new Xbox One owners. They make it easy to find someone to play with.

When you create a Looking for Group post, include details about the game you want to play, the activity you want to do in that game and what type of gamers you are looking for. Looking for Group shares that listing with other people on your friends list through a notification. Anyone gaming on Xbox Live can see the Looking for Group post too, so you end up playing with people you wouldn’t have otherwise met.

You can see who has signed up for your Looking for Group listing and get a reminder when it’s time to play. These reminders surface on your console and the Xbox apps for iPhone and Android.

Looking for Group posts are in each game's hub. Just press the Menu button on your controller and select Hub. 

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