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20 Exciting Things You Can Do With the Xbox One



Enjoy Windows Store Apps from Your PC

Enjoy Windows Store Apps from Your PC

Xbox One consoles can download apps from the Microsoft Store, giving you access to features Microsoft hasn’t added yet.

If you want to socialize with people online, but don’t feel like getting off the couch, download Readit or a Twitter app. You can check the forecast without putting down your controller using AccuWeather. Grover Pro brings podcast playback to Xbox. Microsoft Store apps also fill feature gaps that official apps have. For example, MyTube has wireless streaming from your Windows 10 PC. That’s something the official YouTube app doesn’t have.

Xbox also runs apps that are available on your Windows 10 PC, like Photos, OneDrive, Movies & TV, Microsoft Edge and Groove Music. These apps sync your music, videos, pictures and favorites to your Xbox without you doing any work.

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