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20 Exciting Things You Can Do With the Xbox One



Game with Nintendo Switch and iPhone Players

Game with Nintendo Switch and iPhone Players

Xbox Live doesn’t just connect you to other Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. Some games let you play with Nintendo Switch and iPhone owners.

Xbox Live will connect you with players on other platforms when the developer and other platform allows it. After the Better Together Update, Minecraft players can play with people using an iPad, iPhone, Android device or Windows PC. That update is also coming to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Fortnite: Battle Royale will let smartphone, Xbox One and PC players game together too. Switch and Xbox One owners can already play Rocket League against each other.

This isn’t a feature available in every game, but it’s far better than requiring friends to have the same console to play together. The hope is that other big games, like the Destiny franchise, will also include this feature soon.

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