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20 Exciting Things You Can Do With the Xbox One



Watch 4K Videos on Xbox One S and Xbox One X

Watch 4K Videos on Xbox One S and Xbox One X

For the best looking movies and television shows, upgrade your Netflix subscription and open the company’s app on your Xbox One S or Xbox One X. Then you can watch movies in 4K on your 4K TV.

4K is shorthand for content that’s four times the resolution of high-definition content. Put a bit more plainly, 4K content on a 4K display looks four times as detailed as HD. The Xbox One S isn’t powerful enough to support native 4K gaming, but has enough power to stream 4K movies and TV shows. HDR adds more color contrast to these 4K videos too, as long as your TV supports it. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Microsoft Movies & TV have 4K videos on Xbox One.

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If you want 4K videos without streaming or paying for a service, Xbox One S and Xbox One X have 4K Blu-ray drives. Just buy your favorite movies on disc.

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