13 Reasons Why You'll Love the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
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13 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge



Good Size, Premium Design

Good Size, Premium Design

We've talked a lot about the Galaxy S6 Edge and its screen but what about the rest of the design? Well, we love that part about it too.

With the Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung's shifted to a premium design that features metal and glass as build materials. It's not water resistant like the Galaxy S5 but this we absolutely love what Samsung's done with the Galaxy S6. It feels great, it looks great and it's durable thanks to Corning's Gorilla Glass 4. 

We also love the design because it's not unwieldy. You can easily hold this phone with one hand and you can easily fit it into a jean pocket, even if those jeans are skinny jeans. It's portable and it's the perfect size for those that like to blend work with entertainment on their smartphone. 



  1. David Manton

    07/16/2015 at 10:28 pm

    I was wondering did guest mode arrive on the GalaxyS6edge with 5.1.1 android as mine in the UK using Vodafone network doesn’t seem to have it and if is there I don’t know how to access it. Do you have any insight to this please?

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