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15 Cool Things the Galaxy S9 Can Do



Fast Wireless Charging & Samsung Pay

Fast Wireless Charging & Samsung Pay

Just like the Galaxy S8, Samsung's new Galaxy S9 and S9+ feature Fast Wireless Charging. While wireless charging is a big deal for iPhone X owners, and brand new, it's an old favorite for Samsung devices. Apple uses an old slower charging system that isn't very effective. 

With the Galaxy S9, you get 10-15w "fast wireless charging" where your phone can fully recharge in around 100 or so minutes. Making this more than just a niche feature, and into something truly useful and convenient. 

Speaking of convenience, the Galaxy S9 doubles as a wallet too. You can download the Samsung Pay app, scan your credit card, and pay for stuff at 95% of stores in the United States. Similar to how Apple or Google Pay works with NFC, only better. 

Samsung Pay works at places those other two work, with new NFC terminals, but it also has a magnetic strip built-in and is backward compatible with older machines. Basically, you can use the Galaxy S9 to pay almost anywhere a VISA card is accepted. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ken dotson

    04/21/2019 at 7:48 am

    The Galaxy 9 is a great phone unless you use finger print security. If restarts the fingerprint method doesn’t work and you must use a 4 character password which was forgotten.

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