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15 Cool Things the Galaxy S9 Can Do



Create GIFs from Video and Movies

Create GIFs from Video and Movies

A GIF is a moving image that's shorter than a video and easy to share in messages, emails, message boards or social media like Facebook. Everyone loves GIFs right? Is it GIFs or JIFs?

Just like the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S9 has a neat "GIF MAKER" tool built right into the video player on the phone. Simply open the gallery app and play any video you have on your Galaxy S9.

Once it starts playing hit the "GIF" tool button in the middle bottom of the screen. Now, you can crop the image to make the perfect size GIF, increase or decrease the speed and do a few other edits. Next, simply save and share the GIF or funny moment anywhere. This was my favorite Galaxy S8 feature that no one knows about, so we had to remind potential or new Galaxy S9 owners that it exists.

You're welcome. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ken dotson

    04/21/2019 at 7:48 am

    The Galaxy 9 is a great phone unless you use finger print security. If restarts the fingerprint method doesn’t work and you must use a 4 character password which was forgotten.

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