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17 Reasons Why You’ll Love the iPhone 6



We’re getting closer to the iPhone 6s release date but that doesn’t mean that the iPhone 6 is no longer a great phone. We’ve been using Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6 since September and there are still plenty of things to love about this phone a year after its release date.

In the first half of 2014, we heard a ton of rumors about larger iPhone models, models that would replace the iPhone 5s and take on big screen Android devices from the likes of Samsung and HTC. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus rumors really started to heat up in July, August and September as Apple started production and its final preparation for launch.

In September, Apple debuted the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, two large iPhones to compliment the 4-inch iPhone 5s and 4-inch iPhone 5c. Like millions of others, we ordered the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 ahead of its release date and we’ve been using it ever since. That was nearly a year ago.


Now, rumors are starting to talk about a successor for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus for 2015. While nothing is confirmed, Apple releases a new iPhone every year so it should only be a matter of time before the iPhone 6 is relegated to non-flagship status.

The iPhone 6s release date isn’t official just yet but thanks to an iOS 9 release confirmed for the fall, we know that it will probably land in the usual iPhone release window in September or October. And while there are several reasons to consider waiting for its arrival, there are also some reasons to consider the iPhone 6 right now and going forward.

We’ve been using the iPhone 6 for nearly 10 months now and while it’s getting older, there’s still a whole lot to like. Today, we want to take a look at a few things we love about the iPhone 6. Keep these in mind as you prepare to buy your next iPhone or Android.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Donna Ford

    07/12/2015 at 4:07 pm

    What size for future use? 64 seems logical but what if ios 9 is huge?

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