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2016 iPad Air 3 Release Date: 5 Important Details



iPad Air 3 Pre-Order Possibility

iPad Air 3 Pre-Order Possibility

One new trend from Apple is to announce and deliver a new product for sale on the same day, but at this point it is not clear if Apple plans to deliver the 2016 iPad Air in the same fashion.

It is very likely that iPad Air 2 pre-orders will start soon after an event wraps up, allowing users who want to buy the new iPad to lock in delivery on the iPad Air 3 release date.

Apple offered an in.-store reservation and pickup for the iPhone 6s release date, but did not offer the same option for the iPad Pro release so it is no a sure bet.

If you know you want to upgrade, and you don't care about paying full price, you should be prepared for an iPad Air 3 pre-order program.

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